Where To Put A Changing Table

Where To Put A Changing Table

Changing tables are one of the most overlooked items in a commercial washroom. This means it’s often an afterthought, and it shows. Sometimes they’re installed in the most peculiar places, or in ways that when folded down and open, they obstruct the function of the room. 

With foresight, you can make sure your baby changing units are installed sensibly, and in a way that maintains the flow of your carefully designed washroom. This makes the changing table easier to use, but also makes the room easier to use for the other people who are using the space too. 

Changing tables are unisex

Sometimes it needs reminding that baby changing tables aren’t just for the female washrooms. It’s important to make sure the baby changing facilities are accessible by all users. For this reason, baby changing rooms are often made totally separate, particularly in large developments like shopping centres, hospitals, universities and large supermarkets. The baby changing room is often a spacious room that delivers enough space for parents to bring along other children who need to be kept an eye on, as well as a comfortable seated space for breastfeeding.

In some instances, baby changing tables are placed in the disabled washroom, which is a predominantly unisex wash space already. 

When space is generous

If you have ample room to play with, then our counter mounted baby changing units are a strong way forward. These units can blend seamlessly into the vanity unit and come with elevated sides so infants can’t fall off the edge. Waste chutes can easily be put into the counter so that dirty nappies can be disposed of quickly, and the counter space provides generous room for parents and carers to put their changing bag and sort out their supplies. Sometimes, you might want to consider locating the stand-alone baby changing table slightly away from the hand wash area to give more privacy and space to those using it. 

When space is limited

We’ve all seen the fold down baby changing units which are a great space saving solution and ideal in environments where the need for baby changing is infrequent. Be careful installing these units though, and be sure to consider the available space in the room when it is not only folded down, but when a grown adult is tending to their child on it, it may consume more space than you think, and could cause blockages in the room.

Often these will be located within a toilet cubicle, but be careful if you’re installing it above a toilet. When dropped down there is a risk of belongings falling into the toilet underneath. Wherever you are locating your drop down baby changing unit, whether horizontal or vertical, make provisions for baby changing bags to be placed as well as changing supplies. This can be done via a small shelf or ledge, or through a well placed hook. 

If you would like further advice on baby changing tables, get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900

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