How To Keep A Gym Locker From Smelling

How To Keep A Gym Locker From Smelling

From gyms and leisure centres to staff rooms and workplace changing spaces, lockers can be a tricky area to manage effectively. Without proper maintenance and cleaning schedules, odour-ridden items can wreak havoc, spreading bacteria and offensive smells.

Why smelly lockers are a problem

When your lockers are housing bad smells, it creates two major problems. First, you ruin any welcoming environment you have worked hard to create for your customers or employees. And secondly, there’s increased potential for the spread of bacteria, which has a significant impact on changing room hygiene.

What causes smelly lockers?

The biggest offender for pungent changing room lockers is unwashed gym gear and damp towels. In some offices where staff are cycling to work and freshening up before they sit down to their desk, damp cycling gear will also be a culprit. However, we still have the element of forgotten food and drink, spilt protein shakes and any number of bacterial deposits that are left to fester and spread. 

How to keep a gym locker from smelling

To start with, a regular cleaning schedule needs to be instilled. Sanitising all surfaces inside and out - this is particularly important in wet room lockers such as swimming pool environments. This can prove to be more complicated in areas where individuals have their own lockers, such as members clubs and schools. However, organising a set time in the week where this is done is essential. Lockers being left open for cleaning at the end of each day is commonplace in busy gyms, while weekly in less intense environments can work too.

Routine cleans are also an opportunity to check the condition of your lockers, particularly in high traffic environments. Damaged materials in the structure of the lockers could begin to harbour moisture and subsequently, bacteria. So it’s important to have any repairs or replacements made sooner rather than later. Check which cleaning products are compatible if you have metal lockers as some cleaning chemicals can cause discolourment or corrosion to the surfaces. 

To further combat unwanted odours in the changing room you will also need to ensure you have efficient washroom ventilation. This keeps the air and its contents fresh and will help disperse airborne bacteria and smells. 

If you would like further advice regarding changing rooms, lockers, or effective maintenance, please get in touch with one of the Commercial Washrooms team on 01202 650900.

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