Benefits Of An Electric Shower

Benefits Of An Electric Shower

Electric showers are a great option for a number of washroom environments including hotels, student accommodation, staff showers and sites looking to work with limited or restricted space. Electric showers are also used in locations where there isn’t significant hot water storage. Due to their design they do not cause a drain on hot water, as the unit is responsible for its own heating.

How do electric showers work?

Electric showers only have a cold water supply and do not require a hot water feed. As the cold water enters the unit, it is heated to the desired temperature quickly before being emitted from the shower head. Because this unit heats its own water, electric showers are popular in any area where hot water supply is an issue, or where there is a significant drop in temperature when heated water is travelling from source to shower. You can read more about how electric showers work here.

Are electric shower heads safe?

Electric showers are completely safe as long as they are installed correctly. With the proper earthing, electric showers are a sensible, cost effective solution. The electric supply to your shower will not only be protected from water, but wired to an RCD, meaning that any short at all will trip the fuse. In short, electric showers are safe.

Do I need an electric shower?

Electric showers are a great option if you are only putting in one shower. This might be useful for any businesses looking to put a shower in to help facilitate staff who choose to cycle into work. If routing hot water pipes to the location of your shower is an issue, electric showers can also help overcome that. Often, in campsites, we see electric showers being used as this means site managers don’t need to install an entire hot water and storage system. 

For those working with their own solar power, or sourcing renewable electricity, electric showers can also be a move to help be less reliant on non-renewable energy sources like gas. Unless showers are being used constantly, there’s a case for electric showers giving large savings in energy usage. It’s much more direct to heat water for the shower you are using, rather than heating up large volumes of water to draw on demand. 

What to look for when buying an electric shower

When choosing an electric shower, you will most likely want to get something that fits in with your washroom’s aesthetic. Traditionally, electric showers would usually be white, but today we have a number of silver and chrome effect finishes to choose from. When you’re selecting an electric shower, also be mindful of the finished dimensions of the unit and make sure it works with your available space. 

You can read our feature on how to fit an electric shower here.

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