Shower Drain Types

Shower Drain Types

Not all showers are created equal. Today commercial shower design rivals that of the domestic environment and options allow for the finest of finishes. From stylising open plan showers, to refining the modern showering enclosure, the drainage is one of the foundational choices thats sets the tone for the rest of the room. 

What is a shower drain?

The shower drain is where the waste water runs to and is removed from the washroom. Sounds simple, but when choosing your shower drain, you need to be mindful of the flow rate of wastewater. Too much water all at once, and it’s not going to drain well and will leave users stood in ankle deep water.

Types of shower drain

One of the most popular commercial shower drains today is the floor gully or Aco drain, also known as linear drains. These fit flush with the floor and usually run along the wall of a bank of showers. One long gulley can service several showers, and the fall of the shower room floor will run towards it, so that water does not stay pooling on the floor. 

Another option is the circular floor drain. These are also increasingly discreet and fit flush with vinyl safety flooring or tiles to give a sleek finish. These are most often used in singular showers, and in disabled shower rooms. 

Of course, the shower tray still has a strong place in the commercial washroom, providing a gently walled container complete with the correct fall towards the drain, often with a waste trap included.

Do I need a trap for a shower drain?

Most shower drains come with a trap designed to work for that specific model. Floor gullies or Aco drains have this as standard and work to prevent smells coming up through the drain pipes. Most shower drains also have a trap to catch any small, heavy objects that get lost in the shower, and to remove gathered hair.

How big is a shower drain?

Shower drains vary in size depending on model and manufacturer. As a rough guide, some floor gulley drains need to be sunk down into the floor about 156mm, and come in lengths from 600mm to 1200mm. Meanwhile, circular floor drains can be around 150mm by 150mm square. 

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