How To Install An S Trap Toilet Pan

How To Install An S Trap Toilet Pan

S-trap toilet pans are a very traditional option and used where the waste outlet is located on the floor directly behind the pan. The ’S’ refers to the shape of the porcelain waste outlet which comes up from the floor and finishes in the mouth of the toilet bowl. In many instances, washroom designers choose to work up from the waste opening in the floor and house it in a DUCT set or small false wall. This allows you to use connecting waste pipes to bring the opening up and out of the wall so that back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets can be used. However, many choose to maintain the traditional aesthetic of S-trap toilets, or in some cases may be looking to keep with the original theme of the facilities, such as in heritage buildings and in large format existing school toilets. 

Removal of the old toilet

After switching off and disconnecting the mains water feed, we need to remove the old toilet, paying careful attention to where the toilet pan meets the waste outlet in the floor. We want to cause as little disruption to the waste outlet as possible. In some cases the waste may be secured with cement mortar, in which case we need to work carefully to remove it. 

Locating the S-trap toilet pan

Once the waste outlet has been cleaned and secured and a pan connector has been fitted, you need to site your toilet pan. Align the toilet pan so that the vertical waste outlet fits into the pan connector on the floor. It should create a water-tight seal. Once in place and level, you then need to screw, or bolt your toilet pan to the floor using the secure fixings provided. 

Connecting the cistern and mains water

Once the pan is securely in place, you then need to make the connection between the cistern and the pan, paying attention to ensure a watertight seal is present, often made by using a rubber bung or seal. Once this has been secured, the mains water can be switched back on and the toilet tested, checking for any leaks or escaped water. 

There are many options when it comes to commercial toilets and you may be surprised what is possible in the space where you are working. Our team draws from decades of extensive experience and can iron out and overcome all kinds of hurdles when it comes to working in old buildings and restricted spaces. 

If you would like further advice on our installation, planning, design and specification services, or to enquire about our full turn-key refurbishment process, please get in touch with one of the team today on 01202 650900

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