What’s In A Doc-M Pack?

What’s In A Doc-M Pack?

A Doc M pack is a kit that includes all the sanitaryware needed to comply with disabled washroom provisions in Document-M of the UK Building Regulations. However, while most of the regulations apply to new build commercial spaces, many choose to install a Doc-M pack in both ambulant and full disabled washrooms in older buildings too. That’s because the Doc-M pack offers a number of features that make using the washroom easier for those that have impairments or disabilities. 

Select your toilet type

At Commercial Washrooms we give you the option to select your Doc-M pack by toilet type. Choose from a close coupled toilet, back to wall toilet, wall hung toilet, or low level toilet pans. Your installer will be able to advise you on your best options here. Close coupled toilets are used in areas where a DUCT set installation isn’t possible, while all the other options are used alongside and integrated into a DUCT set – a false wall system that keeps all the pipework and services concealed. 

Grab rails

Doc-M packs come with 5x 600mm grab rails. These should be in a different colour to the walls so that there is a strong contrast. This helps the visually impaired. Grab rails are mounted to help users manoeuvre around the room and steady themselves, fitted to the wall either side of the sink, one on the back of the door, and two near the toilet.

Lift & lock grab rail

You’ll also get a lift and lock grab rail that comes down alongside the toilet pan. This rail has the ability to be lifted up out of the way as a user moves onto the toilet, then dropped down to offer additional support when in place. 

Toilet pan and cistern assembly

Depending on your toilet selection, your Doc-M pack will include either a close coupled, back to wall, wall hung or low level toilet pan with associated cistern. In most cases, the toilet pan will be at a raised height, this is to make it easier for disabled users; higher toilets are easier to get on and off. You’ll notice that Doc-M toilets also come with a spatula, or paddle lever control. This is to help make flushing the toilet easier, with a larger area to hold and also more leverage. 

Toilet seat

The toilet seat in a Doc-M pack is a full ring, so there is no cut-out at the front. This is a sturdier, safer option and will be in a contrasting colour to the toilet pan to help the visually impaired. There is also no lid to the toilet seat as this can also be a hindrance to some disabled users.

Wash basin and fittings

Of course, you will also find a wash basin in your pack, along with all the fixtures and fittings to secure it to the wall next to your toilet pan. The top rim of this basin needs to be between 720 & 740mm from the floor, with two wall mounted grab rails at either side of the mirror hanging above. 

Basin tap

Your basin mixer tap will have a control that can be used with elbows. This is a requirement of Document-M to ensure easy use of the wash basin for a broad range of disabilities and impairments. In most Doc-M packs you will also get a TMV-3 mixer valve, a device used to control the temperature of hot water and mitigate the risk of scolding. However, many of the cheaper packs exclude this with the expectation that a TMV is included within the first fix plumbing installation. 

If you would like to discuss Doc-M requirements and which solution is right for you and your business, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900

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