How To Fit A Square Toilet Seat

How To Fit A Square Toilet Seat

While one of the most basic items in the commercial wash space, the humble toilet seat requires serious attention. Being such an integral moving part, the toilet seat needs to undergo frequent checks and is often one of those things in a washroom that sees more than its fair share of wear and tear.

From repeated knocks and scrapes to general misuse, in high traffic environments, the time inevitably comes when a toilet seat needs replacing. However, though toilet seat shapes can vary, the installation and removal remain the same. 

Square toilet seat differences

Despite the square toilet seat looking significantly different from conventional options, the installation and removal are the same. Square toilets might seem a little unusual, but they can actually offer increased support to the user. However, the practical differences end there and fitting them is the same as a round toilet seat.

Fitting your square toilet seat

Toilet seats are fixed to the toilet pan, whether that’s a wall-hung variety or one that's of a close-coupled design. After safely removing the old toilet seat, you need to clean the area before lining up your new one. Add the seals to the long bolt before offering up your new toilet seat, it should sit evenly on the rim of the square toilet pan. 

The rear bolts will fit through two holes that sit behind the toilet opening. They will protrude down and be visible from underneath. On the underside, you’ll be able to screw on the nuts and when happy with the position you can secure them tightly to finish the job. 

Common problems

Sometimes, where metal bolts and nuts have been fitted, you might find that they have corroded or fused together due to moisture and humidity. In this instance, you need to use a hacksaw or angle grinder to get the old or broken toilet seat off. 

Fitting square toilet seats are always best done at the time of toilet installation as you can move the toilet about to get proper leverage. However, when it comes to replacements that are not always possible. You might be faced with a process which is a lot more fiddly and tricky so specialist tools might come in handy to give you the extra reach and tension needed to fit the toilet seat securely. 

If you need further advice or support in fitting your square toilet and toilet seat, or would like to learn more about our installation service, please get in touch with one of our team on 01202 650900

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