Innovative Restaurant Washrooms

Innovative Restaurant Washrooms

Restaurant washrooms are cultishly revered. Ask anyone working in the hospitality industry and they will tell you that the key to a successful, popular restaurant is down to much more than just great tasting food. The sense of place is tantamount, the feeling you get from being in a room, the atmosphere, the tables, the quirky glasses and tableware. It’s an orchestra and each section must play in tune.

The experience clientele have when nipping to the restroom to freshen up is just as important and needs to instill the feeling of cleanliness, but also match the design and mood of the surroundings. Here we take a look at some innovative restaurant washrooms and explore just some of the many possibilities that may work for you.

Repurposing this bicycle into the washroom has made a quirky feature out of a simple washbasin. A deep heavy-duty shelf unit and lay-on washbasin gives you the ability to utilise the space.

This restaurant in Hatfield actually won a design award back in 2012. A feature wall, here consisting of an intricate tile pattern, is made a focal point of the room with the careful placing of two mirrors and accompanying wall mounted wash basins. The clean straight lines of the tile pattern are embellished with those of the square wash basin. A sharp and memorable design.

The contrast of colour and texture in this bathroom has been accentuated with the clever use of recessed lighting and contoured wall panels. An effective and soothing washroom, but the actual facilities are simple and straightforward. Wall mounted washbasins and concealed trap urinals leave the floor space clear and deliver the perception of more space.

This approach gives a clean and uncluttered look and also makes cleaning that much easier.underneath for memorable features. Whether it’s the frame of a classic bicycle, tiered shelves with pot plants, or even a fish tank, the possibilities are blown wide open.Wash troughs are feature in themselves and bring an open and communal feel to a washroom. Another added advantage is that there is only one waste trap and cleaning is again made easier. In this picture from a Nando’s in Ashford, we can see it partnered with a long wide mirror and wall mounted taps. This delivers clean lines and the versatility to 

Another great example of lay on washbasins, this time delivered in a more contemporary meets industrial feel. The basins are partnered with wall mounted taps, individual framed mirrors and overhead light fittings which instills a certain feeling of privacy. The matching cubicle door accessories, taps and light fittings bring great contrast to the overall look of the washroom.customize splash-backs and wall features.

Exposed brick has been popping up in restaurant design more and more over recent years. Making the most of original features can really work in your favour, particularly in the restroom where character is often striped away out of necessity. Modern washroom fixtures, fittings and facilities have transformed this space to deliver an industrial, but somewhat welcoming washroom.

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