Repairs, Replacements and Summer Holiday Maintenance

Repairs, Replacements and Summer Holiday Maintenance

The holidays provide the perfect downtime to address washroom maintenance issues in schools. Whether you’re looking after facilities in a small primary school or a bustling inner-city upper school, wear and tear are inevitable.

For this reason, you need to regularly assess the condition of various components in your site’s washrooms and decide whether or not they're going to really last another term. Here, we take a look at the common areas that need your attention.

Locks & hardware

Old hardware such as locks, header rails, and hooks can sometimes fail. In some environments where misuse and vandalism occurs, these items might need replacing sooner. Our hardware packs include everything you need for the installation of a cubicle and are useful kits to keep on-site - you never know when a quick replacement might need to be fitted. In some instances, where vandalism has left the cubicle doors slightly damaged, you may want to choose a different type of lock so that you can cover the damage and still get a good fixing.

Large Quick Release Cubicle Door Lock


Whether it’s old cubicles swelling from ingress water and damp, or those that have fallen victim to misuse, cubicles are one of the most common replacements in any busy washroom. You can order individual replacements with us, and if time is an issue, you might want to choose from our Ultra-Fast Range – off the shelf cubicles that can be with you in 3-5 days. If you’re looking for a more durable replacement, select cubicles made from solid grade laminate (SGL) as this material is completely impervious to water and will not swell, weaken or break from ingress water.


Taps, hand dryers & dispensers

It almost goes without saying that these items can be ordered and installed individually and in most cases, a skilled caretaker or site manager should be able to install them directly. If durability or vandal resistance is of high priority, then look for stainless steel dispensers and hand dryers. You can find an extensive range of sensor and non-concussive taps on Commercial Washrooms as well as lever-operated options

Other sensible checks

Tiling should be checked thoroughly. A hairline crack in a tile can rise up over time and leave you with a razor-sharp edge. For this reason, any minor damage to tiling should be dealt with immediately and replaced. The quiet spell over school holidays also gives you the perfect opportunity for routine Legionella checks and the deep cleaning of shower gullies and floor drain outlets.

Find all your replacements and upgrades easily at Commercial Washrooms.

As always, our team are at the end of the telephone for all your queries and questions and have a wealth of knowledge they’re happy to share with you. So if you need some guidance, or would like to talk over your options, you can give them a call on 01202 650900.

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