Summer Refurbishments: Prime Time For Changing Rooms

Summer Refurbishments: Prime Time For Changing Rooms

As the summer downtime kicks in and sports facilities take a break from the constant stream of football and rugby games, sports practice and general busy footfall, the hot summer months can be the perfect opportunity to schedule in those upgrades and refurbishments to changing rooms that at other times of the year, just aren’t convenient. Here we take a look at some of the many options available to the site managers of leisure facilities, be they in school, recreation grounds, leisure centres or sports stadiums.

The Importance of Durable Lockers
Lockers see a lot of action in changing room facilities and are arguably one of the fundamentals. Vandalism issues aside, lockers need to be rugged and strong enough to withstand frequent daily use as well as a wet humid environment. Metal lockers have long been a favourite and solid grade laminate lockers are also proving a popular choice for sports facilities. Depending on available space you can install one, two, three and even four-door high units, allowing you the versatility to cater for many users even in more confined changing room spaces.

Getting Sensible With Benches
Changing rooms are naturally wet and humid environments and users require ample space to change, whilst still keeping their belongings dry and uncrumpled. Benches provide somewhere to place clothes at a sensible height and also allow users to sit and put socks and shoes on comfortably. Island benches are a great way of utilising empty space in the middle of rooms and, like most bench sets, they also incorporate a raised coat hook section. Alternatively, for individual changing cubicles, small individual benches can be used without the need for attached coat hooks as these can be mounted internally.

Cubicles, cubicles, cubicles…
In the changing room, the potential for cubicles increases due to the diversity of washroom procedures that take place. Visitors will be using toilets, showers and in some cases require increased privacy for changing.  Individual shower and changing cubicles are most common in female, mixed and family changing rooms, but are not uncommon in male changing rooms too. Exploring the potential of cubicles can have significant advantages and can even smarten up the look and usability of your facilities. At Commercial Washrooms we produce a wide range of durable laminate cubicles, doors and integrated plumbing system panels (IPS). These panels are not the only products custom made to fit your changing rooms but come in a huge array of different colours. IPS panel systems allow you to keep all the pipework hidden from view, which also helps reduce vandalism and accidental damage.

Make Savings On Water From Showers To Urinals
Water usage is obviously very high in a changing room and any steps towards saving water are certainly worth taking. In showers, non-concussive taps are a great way to conserve water as they only open the flow of water for a set period of time once pushed. This reduces the risk of taps being left on and regulates water usage. Sensor taps at wash basins deliver the same reduced water risk, whilst the installation of waterless urinals can bring significant savings on water and consequently money.

Improving Facility Hygiene
There are several ways you can improve hygiene within your changing room facilities. The best place to start is by installing sensor activated flushers on toilets, urinals and taps. This means that users don't need to touch either the toilet or tap, which reduces the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. Sensor activation also vastly improves the usability of your changing room and the fewer moving parts that are operated by humans the better.

Easy Clean Options
Like most washroom environments, the changing room requires regular cleaning and many caretakers and site managers are keen to implement easy clean options wherever possible. IPS panel systems are a great step in the right direction as by concealing the majority of pipework, you are also reducing the number of exposed surface areas, in turn making clean downs easier and faster. Additionally, hand dryers are a preferred option over paper towel dispensers as they significantly reduce the amount of waste, which means fewer empties of the bin.

Never Overlook The Ventilation
As previously mentioned, changing rooms are wet and humid facilities and the ventilation of the room needs to be considered from the outset. Damp and mould not only look bad but are a pain to keep on top of. This environment can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and so increased sanitation, cleaning and in some cases redecorating can be the result of poorly ventilated changing rooms.

Improve The Atmosphere With Flooring
It doesn’t take much to make a changing room seem a little luxurious. Many changing rooms are clinical looking affairs and could almost be hosed down at the end of each day. However, with a little colour and some careful planning, you can deliver a better look and atmosphere without breaking the bank. Flooring is a perfect example of how a changing room can be upgraded. Tiles are fundamental in wet areas, but it's not necessary for this flooring to flow all the way through to the area where users are actually changing. Durable laminate flooring is still easy to clean but gives a warmer feel to the facilities and in some scenarios carpet can be used to great effect too.

Other Things To Consider
Baby changing facilities are a worthy consideration for any changing room and this includes baby changing stations, baby seats and even a secure playpen which prove particularly popular in leisure centres.

Disabled access and grab rails also need to be considered in your changing rooms refurbishment or upgrade and this can include catering for users with poor eyesight as well as mobility.

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