The Benefits of Sensor Taps 2023

The Benefits of Sensor Taps 2023

The Benefits of Sensor Taps

You’ll have seen them in washrooms everywhere from Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Restaurants and Camp Sites, but what are the benefits of a sensor tap?

Sensor taps have become one of the most powerful options in the commercial wash space. In areas that demand a high level of hygiene, durability and fast functionality, the sensor taps excels on all fronts. 


What is a sensor tap?

A Sensor Tap is a type of tap is operated automatically by a sensor wihtout the need to manually start the water flow and is one of the most popular and durable choices on the market. When the tap’s infra-red sensor detects hands placed beneath the tap opening, water and soap are emitted for a set period of time to allow users to wash their hands.


Anti-vandal sensor taps

You will also see Anti-Vandal sensor taps being used in areas where vandalism is a concern. With no moving parts, they lend themselves well for areas requiring high durability. There is also the option for low profile deck mounted sensor taps which are designed to be vandal resistant, leaving no edge for leverage. 


Sensor Taps Save Water

Sensor taps save water by automatically stopping the water flow when appropriate which prevents taps being left on. The benefits of this are obvious but this automatic water shut off prevents Vandalism in school. I think we all remember the last day of School - someone would leave the Plug in or pack the plug hole with Toilet Paper then turn the tap on!


Sensor taps for clinical settings

The hospital environment has a high demand for hygiene, making sensor taps a number one investment in the clinical setting. Sensor activation means they can be used easily by people with a range of disabilities and mobility issues.

They are also a necessity for surgical scrub ups, and Handwash Basins where medical professionals need to sanitise their hands before any kind of surgery or examinations. Sensor taps allow them to wash their hands and go straight to rubber gloves without any points of contact that could cause contamination. This is particularly important in the face of Covid-19.

Why choose sensor taps?

Sensor taps have rapidly become the go-to for many businesses and public sector workspaces due to their efficiency and ease of use. With the taps working intuitively, they are perfectly suited to today’s modern world and with users never having to physically touch them, sensor taps can significantly reduce the spread of bacteria in the wash space. This has been particularly important for site managers since the Coronavirus lockdowns of 2020. 

Post COVID Protection

Infection prevention control is of significant importance these days, and high on the agenda in all commercial premises. One of the best ways to tackle the spread of COVID is  efficient hand washing and sensor taps not only deliver an option that doesn’t need to be touched, but are often more likely to be used compared to traditional taps. 

One of the other advantages of sensor taps is that the controlled water flow means taps can’t accidentally be left on. This means they can generate huge water savings across a busy site, especially when compared to traditionally operated lever taps.

Things to bear in mind

There are many types of sensor tap, from those that are counter sunk into the worktop, to those that are mounted on the wall. You’ll also want to check to see if the tap contains it’s own thermostatic mixer valve. This is a device that blends the hot and cold water supply to a temperature that is warm, but will not scold the user. Some models have one built in, but if it doesn’t you’ll need to fit one of these as well. 


Hidden benefits

The installation of sensor activated washroom features has been proven to reduce the spread of bacteria throughout commercial washrooms. This can keep your staff healthier and bring down the number of sick days taken across a site. Sensor taps also come in a whole range of different styles, with some boasting impressive technology like digitally showcasing a message or logo. We also have some sleek black sensor taps, that have their own temperature control lever, giving the user complete control of water temperature. 

If you need some more help and advice on which tap options might be best for your business, contact one of the Commercial Washrooms team on 01202 650900

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