The Benefits of Altro Whiterock Hygienic Wall Cladding

The Benefits of Altro Whiterock Hygienic Wall Cladding


Whether you’re managing an office, restaurant chain, or school campus, walls in the commercial environment need protection. Historically, options were limited and most often lacked both colour and finesse. Businesses today demand much more from their internal wall cladding, with aesthetics playing a more important role in washroom design specifications.

At the forefront of innovation, Altro have led the charge for dynamic wall cladding and now offer a substantial variety of colours and finishes to their renowned Whiterock hygienic wall cladding. Altro is our manufacturer of choice when it comes to wall cladding. It’s an organisation that has been consistently expanding and developing its products for applications across a wide range of settings, from boutique hotels and spas, through to university hallways. Altro products allow us to deliver the high level of finish, hygiene and durability that our customers have come to expect.

Altro Whiterock Wall Cladding

Improving hygiene

In most washrooms, wall cladding is selected to make cleaning simpler. The hygienic surfaces can be easily sanitised and often thermo-formed round corners to reduce joins – an area where bacteria is prone to build-up. Altro Whiterock was traditionally synonymous with commercial kitchens where the easy to clean, heat resistant material met rigorous health and hygiene requirements, but also aided the clean down process at the end of each service. Today, Whiterock is an industry-leading material used in many commercial settings, particularly washrooms, showering areas and changing rooms. Thanks to its diverse array fo colours and finishes through its Satins and Chameleon ranges, as well as custom, finishes through services like Digiclad, facilities managers can achieve sharp contemporary design aesthetics while protecting their properties with powerful hygiene and impressive durability.

Altro Whiterock Hygiene

Installation techniques for vulnerable settings

The way Altro wall cladding is fitted can be changed depending on your location. For example, in institutions where vulnerable people may be using the facilities, the sheets of wall cladding can be joined in such a way that users can't get their fingers behind any panels, preventing them from being able to rip them off and cause damage and injury to themselves or others. There are also a number of different Altro resins available that can be spread into position, creating a water-tight barrier that’s of a similar toughness to concrete.

Altro Whiterock Hygiene

A finish for everyone

Across 10 different ranges, the colours and finishes available in Altro wall cladding is extensive. For example, the Fortis range is an anti-bump sheet, which prevents marks and damage from knocks and scrapes. Meanwhile, the Satins range offers softer soothing colours which have been developed for healthcare settings. Whether you’re looking to incorporate your company colours into the design, or working to carry through a certain feel throughout your site, Altro wall cladding enables you to meet even the most specific of detailing.

Altro Whiterock Doctor Surgery

Fire resistance & warranty - the Altro stamp of approval.

Fire resistance is a big issue these days, particularly in the wake of London's Grenfell disaster. Altro Whiterock boasts a Class 0 fire rating, giving you confidence and peace of mind in all commercial areas including escape routes and corridors.

With a 10 year warranty, Class 0 fire rating and a world of colours and finishes to choose from, Altro Whiterock is a strong choice for commercial spaces looking for protection, ease of cleaning and longevity.

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If you’d like to learn more about Altro products and how we can integrate them into your business, please get in touch with one of the Commercial Washrooms team on 01202 650900 / [email protected].

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