What Is A Bib Tap?

What Is A Bib Tap?

Not all taps are created equally. From sensor taps and non-concussive push taps to those operated by levers and paddles, selecting taps is no walk in the park these days. But bib taps have been around for a long time and deliver much-needed versatility.

What is a bib tap?

A bib tap is a wall-mounted tap that also offers the ability to connect a hose. They can be operated in all manner of ways, from traditional turn taps and lever taps, to push button taps that emit water for a set period of time before self-closing. 

Are bib taps only for outside use?

Most outside taps are bib taps, as this is where a hose attachment is most necessary. However, bib taps are used in a wide range of internal environments too, including leisure centre changing rooms, poolside at public swimming pools, and within commercial kitchens. 

Where are bib taps used?

As well as the aforementioned areas, you’ll most commonly find bib taps in areas used by cleaners, such as a cleaning supply room. You often also see them being fitted in large changing rooms where regular hose-downs might be required. This could be a sports teams locker room, or in stadiums. Anyone that’s spent a lot of time in Europe may also recognise this type of tap from domestic bathrooms where they’re used to connect washing machines.  

What is a bib tap used for?

So a bib tap will function just like any other tap, emitting a steady flow of hot or cold water. However, these taps are designed to be connected easily to a hose. Sometimes this might be a slender, slightly tapered spout that can accommodate a rubber hose being pushed on, but in most cases, there is actually a thread on the spout to take a more substantial connection. These taps are usually installed for their versatility, making them useful for filling up mop buckets or being the mains source for the deep clean of a swimming pool changing room. 

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