How to clean waste bins

How to clean waste bins

Ok, so cleaning your bin might sound straightforward and simple, but…. You’d be amazed. And to be honest, when you have a turnover of staff, or demands on the cleaning staff mount up, the bins just get emptied and the cleaning and sanitisation of them slip by the wayside. 

Why changing the bin bag isn’t enough

While a bin bag will help you gather all the large objects placed in your bin, this common washroom item actually provides the ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. Condensation and moisture will often build up outside the bin bag, especially if it is filled with used paper towels that are damp and wet. With little to no air movement between the bathroom waste bin and the bag, this creates a warm, moist and humid environment that is perfect for mould and bacteria spores to grow and multiply - and we want to combat this as often as possible.

Washroom Waste Bin

How to clean waste bins

1. To begin with you should empty the bin. This is usually a simple task of tying up the bin bag and placing it in the outside commercial wheelie bin. With your bin empty of waste, you can look to inspect it for any obvious signs of bacterial growth or build-up, or any residue that needs removing.

2. Use detergent to create a bucket of warm soapy water. Use this to scrub down all the internal surfaces of the bin thoroughly, paying particular attention to corners or ridges. You’ll also want to make sure to wash the outside of the bin too. 

3. Rinse the inside of the bin to remove the soapy detergent, before spraying with antibacterial spray or disinfectant. You then need to make sure the bin is dry before putting a clean bin bag inside. 

By cleaning your bathroom waste bins in this way, you will prevent any unpleasant smells or odours from developing. This method of cleaning them also promotes better hygiene for your washroom and will help maintain your businesses’ high standards.

If you would like further advice on washroom cleaning procedures, or to discuss how you can transform your facilities into an easy-clean washroom, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900

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