Commercial Shower Panels

The UK’s leading supplier of shower panels to the Commercial Washroom market. Our range of products incorporates the latest technology expected from modern commercial shower panels, making them ideal for any commercial shower area or changing room.

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Low Maintenance, easy-to-install Shower Panels


Shower panel options include features such as timed-flow push buttons, integral thermostatic mixing valves (TMV3), infra-red sensors, anti-vandal casings, and anti-ligature shower heads.


Shower Panels remove the concern and difficulty with recessing pipes and shower controls into walls, meaning timely and costly “pipe chasing” work can be avoided. The panels are easily installed, require very little maintenance, and are designed with few moving parts to avoid any potential breakdowns.


Here at Commercial Washrooms, we offer the following types of shower panels:


Sensor Shower Panels


Check out our latest range of sensor shower panels which are ideal for high-end shower rooms such as gymnasiums or hotels. Sensor showers will deliver precise, stable, thermostatic temperature control, ensuring end-user safety and comfort for washroom showering facilities. They are also a great water-saving option as the water flow will stop when a user is no longer detected.


Lever Shower Panels


Our range of lever shower panels feature quality products with vandal resistant shower heads, easy-to-use single lever controls and concealed piping that extends up to the ceiling. The shower towers are delivered to your washrooms ready to plumb into existing hot and cold water feeds, and are perfect for a wide array of commercial washroom environments.


Push Shower Panels


Our push shower panels are some of our most popular shower panel products; with a simple, compact design, vandal proof shower heads made from quality materials such as anodised aluminium. Our push shower panels are perfect for schools, leisure centres and general changing room facilities.




What is a shower panel?


Shower panels (also known as ‘shower towers’) are panels which have shower heads and controls built into them, removing the need for shower heads and a separate control system. Some shower panels also have multiple body sprayers and heads to suit the user, so you’re sure to find an option which suits your needs.


What are shower panels made of?


Shower panels are typically made from robust stainless steel, chrome, PCV or acrylic capped resin stone and may come with a white, silver, anodised aluminium or brushed stainless steel finish. So, you can find an option in a material that best suits your shower area.


What is the best material for shower wall panels?


The best materials for shower panel systems will depend on the type of environment they’re in; they commonly need to be made from strong, durable, water and vandal resistant materials like the shower panels in our range, such as PCV, anodised aluminium, stainless steel and more. 


Where to buy shower panels


If you're looking for a new shower panel for your commercial washroom or bathroom, then you can order shower panels online with us. If you’re planning a washroom refurbishment project then we offer a supply and fit service to transform your facilities. .


Which shower panel is best for my needs?


When deciding which shower panel is right for your washroom, you can consider the following to inform your decision:


  • Your budget - your budget will inevitably need to be factored into your decision. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we have a range of affordable options to suit all budgets.

  • The style of your washroom - choose from traditional or modern-styled showers to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

  • If you need a vandal-resistant option - if your washroom is prone to vandalism (this can be a risk in public areas, schools and prisons), then you may benefit from a shower panel that has vandal-proof features so you don’t find yourself replacing parts as often.

  • How much available space you have - some shower panel products will be more compact than others, making them ideal for smaller shower spaces. 

If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly sales team to assist you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our most popular shower panel products is the Delabie Sporting Shower Panel which features a compact design and vandal-proof shower head.


How much is a shower panel?


The cost of a shower panel will depend on a number of factors, such as the manufacturer, the model of the product and what features it has. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we currently have shower panels starting from just £160.80 including VAT.


Are shower panels worth it?


There are many advantages to installing shower panels into your washroom, including:


  • They’re easy to install - we also offer a full supply and fit service if you’re looking to refurbish your washroom.

  • You can find a shower panel to suit the size of your shower area.

  • They can be more water efficient as they use plumbing for a single shower head.

  • They can be a more affordable option in the long run compared to purchasing seperate parts for shower systems.




If you have any questions about our products please contact the Commercial Washrooms sales team who will be happy to help.