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The Rada V12 concealed shower valve (1.1651.002) features a built-in thermostatic valve certified to TMV3 performance standard and features integral isolating ball valves. It has a sequential single lever operation from cold through to warm, making it easy to use.

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The Rada V12 concealed shower valve (1.1651.002) features a built-in thermostatic valve certified to TMV3 performance standard and features integral isolating ball valves. It has a sequential single lever operation from cold through to warm, making it easy to use.

The built-in TMV3 thermal mixing valve negates the need for an external TMV3 and prevents the user from being scalded by hot water, improving safety in your facilities.The easy-grip handle assists operation by people with limited dexterity including children and the elderly. So, not only is this concealed shower valve simple to operate, it keeps your shower room safe.

In terms of maintenance, the easy access service-free cartridge included in the Rada V12 concealed shower valve and check valves make servicing the unit a breeze.

Each V12 is supplied  with a 6 l/min flow regulator fitted for increased water savings and a 9 l/min flow regulator.


  • Light touch control complemented by easy to understand graphics to address the needs of all users, irrespective of age or ability

  • Includes service-free cartridge, check valves, filters and optional flow regulators

  • Buildcert TMV3 Scheme Approved

  • WRAS approved

  • Single sequential operation from off-cold-warm

  • Robust construction to withstand heavy usage in the commercial environment

  • A 91/ min flow regulator is also supplied and optional 6 l/min flow regulator for increased water savings supplied fitted

If you’re looking for a functional concealed shower valve with a seamless design, this could be the product for you. Not only does a concealed shower valve style perfectly with a modern bathroom, having a valve which is TMV3 approved ensures that those using your facilities will be safe. Rada pride themselves on their innovative showering technology, and now, your business can benefit from their products which have user satisfaction and safety in mind.

If you’re looking to refurbish your washroom, we offer a supply and fit service and would love to hear from you. Contact us today to discuss your project.


What is a concealed shower valve?

A concealed shower valve (also known as a recessed shower valve) is a type of valve which is ‘built-in’ to a wall, meaning it is concealed behind tiling and hidden from view. Users of a shower which has a concealed shower valve will only be able to see a temperature/pressure control plate and handles to operate it.

Concealed shower valves can either control a single outlet with a handle for controlling the water temperature and the water flow, or, if you have multi-outlet shower valves, you can control many outlets from the same place.

How does a shower mixing valve work?

A shower mixing valve mixes together the hot and cold water supply in a valve to create a safe temperature before water exits the shower head.

Essentially, the thermostat element of a mixing valve contracts and expands in response to any changes in the water temperature and pressure from the hot and cold water supplies. As this contracts or expands, a slide valve moves to control the amount of water which enters the valve. If there was a shortage of cold water, the valve would be able to maintain a safe temperature to prevent scalding. 

What are the advantages of a concealed shower valve?

Concealed shower valves are perfect for modern shower rooms for a number of reasons, including:

  • They’re more space efficient - an exposed shower valve unit could easily be knocked whilst a user is showering (not only would this frustrate the user, but they could accidentally change the temperature). This makes them ideal for smaller shower enclosures.

  • They offer a more sleek and seamless look which is great for a minimalist bathroom.

  • They hide unsightly pipework which makes a bathroom appear more tidy.

Are shower valves universal?

Shower valves are not universal and therefore can’t be interchanged with different manufacturers. Moreover, some shower valves won’t be compatible within their own brand, so, if you’re looking to buy a shower trim kit, you’ll want to check the compatibility options first.

If you’re not sure what type of shower mixing valve you have, you can start by looking for the manufacturer’s name or logo (this could be on the shower’s faucet handles, spout or on decorative rings). If removed, you could take the valve to your local plumbing store to help identify it. You can also get in touch with our team for advice.

How high do you install a shower valve?

Typically, a shower valve will be installed approximately 30-50 inches above the floor. The height at which your concealed shower valve is installed will depend on whether it’s being fitted as part of a shower set in a bathtub or if it’s required for shower stalls. 

Are thermostatic shower valves worth it?

Thermostatic shower valves (TMVs, such as this concealed shower valve) are beneficial in both commercial and domestic settings. You can benefit from the following:

  • Improved safety - as a TMV3 allows you to preselect the right temperature, it keeps this temperature consistent and is designed to prevent water which is too hot from reaching the shower head. This makes them particularly important in washrooms used by children, elderly or disabled users who may not be able to react as quickly if there was a sudden temperature change.

  • They can be more cost-effective in the long run as they help to reduce water waste and save energy.

  • They’re convenient and easy to use - a user can simply select their desired temperature and rest assured that there won’t be any surprise changes in the temperature. A user can also stop the water flow for a period of time and the water temperature will find the same temperature again once switched back on. 

You can find out more information about shower valves in our blog. Articles which you may find useful include:

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