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Franke: 230 Years of Excellence in Sanitary Products

Spring / 2019

Franke is the UK's leading provider of washroom products and are dedicated to providing the best quality stainless steel, solid surface and sanitaryware, possible.

With an astounding 230 years in the business, their experience is clear in the quality of their innovative designs. Franke products can be found in a variety of environments including education, leisure and hotels. 

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Due to their popularity, their products can also be found in many different washrooms all around the world.

They are also known for their enthusiasm to create futuristic equipment that can be used by a range of abilities and last for years to come.

  • Knowledgeable staff 
  • Purpose built products
  • Long-standing industry leader

Franke | 230 Years of Industry Leading Experience | Commercial Washrooms

Planox Washtroughs

Franke | Planox Washtroughs | Commercial Washrooms


Franke | Shower Range | Commercial Washrooms

F5 Taps

Franke | F5 Taps | Commercial Washrooms

Suitable for all settings

Franke: The Miranit Composite

Summer / 2019

Franke | Miranit Composite | Commercial Washrooms

Made from Miranit composite material, the clean lines and stylish design of the Franke Solid Surface basins come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit a variety of environments and design tastes.

This hard-wearing stylish material is perfect for all project types and sizes, from hotel bedrooms and washrooms to stadia and airports.

Miranit is manufactured from 80% natural minerals such as marble, sandstone and quartz sand and approximately 20% high-quality unsaturated polyester resin, making it particularly robust and long-lasting

As Miranit is a poured material it is manufactured using a single mould, creating a finished product without any adhesive seams or joints

This makes it much more flexible and hygienic than other composite materials on the market which are either formed from sheets or casts.

Discover Franke's range of Miranit wash troughs and washbasins...

Cleaning and Janitorial

Franke | Cleaning & Janitorial | Commercial Washrooms

Hospital Range

Franke | Hospital Range | Commercial Washrooms

Washtroughs & Washbasins

Franke | Washtroughs & Washbasins | Commercial Washrooms

Franke Water Systems Present: FRAMIC - The First Ceramic Closing Cartridge


The Franke modular innovation cartridge (FRAMIC) ceramic self-closing cartridge is the first of its kind in tap disc technology. It enables a stagnation-free, hydraulic control of water flow ensuring perfect water hygiene.

The operation of the cartridge is flow pressure independant meaning drinking water is kept completely seperate to the functional elements of the tap.

The F5 Framic cartridge gives you absolute piece of mind that the operation provides maximum clealiness and hygiene

How Does it Work?

1 - Hydraulic Control

2 - Ceramic Valve

3 - Water Conduction

4 - Ceramic Mixing Unit

Franke | FRAMIC | Commercial Washrooms

Anything you need, Franke can supply!

Commercial Washrooms have used many Franke products in a variety of washroom settings and have always received the best reviews, showing just how popular they are.

We are delighted to supply Franke's original and effective products

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