Introducing the Franke Planox Wash Trough

Franke | Planox Washtrough | Commercial Washrooms

Maximum Hygiene & Reliability 

Franke: Planox Washtrough

In highly frequented washrooms long-lasting products with a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene are a must. With this in mind, Commercial Washrooms are pleased to supply Franke's new range of washtroughs.

This is of particular importance in various applications such as food processing, laboratories, and healthcare. Franke has designed the new Planox seamlessly welded range of washtroughs which are perfect for maximising hygiene whilst offering a functional, easy-to-clean and user-friendly solution.

Scientifically Proven to Last: 

Tested in the harshest environments.

Manufactured from stainless steel the range of Planox not only guarantee high quality, but a long life as stainless steel is resistant to moisture and most acids, making them the ideal choice for hospitals and food processing plants.

The range of Planox troughs are seamlessly welded using an innovative robotic laser process, making them highly resistant to dirt and bacteria.

The Planox washtroughs have been designed with an 80mm lowered tap ledge which prevents water spilling onto the floor and therefore saves time and money on maintenance costs and increases cleanliness throughout.

The standard range of Planox washtroughs from Franke includes products with various lengths ranging from 600mm to 3,000mm and with or without tap ledge.

Bespoke options and custom lengths are also available, with a choice of lengths, tap holes and extras such as splashbacks, shrouds and underframes.

Planox | Suitable for all Environments

Franke | Planox | Commercial Washrooms

Planox | Built to Last

Franke | Planox | Commercial Washrooms

Planox | Sleek, Stylish, Functional

Franke | Planox | Commercial Washrooms

Suitable for all settings

Franke: Products built with Innovation and Intelligence in Mind.

Spring / 2019

Franke's products accommodate to many environments, whether a building is big or small, they have something for every setting. Franke products have many approvals from RIBA to WRAS, showing that their products not only work but are safe too.

A lot of Franke products have a specific style which accommodates to any washroom and still have a modern twist. Their wide range of products also means that you can include many different products in your purchase, including dispensersshowerheadscisternswaste binsgrab rails, a range of accessories and so much more.

Anything you need Franke supply! Commercial Washrooms have used many Franke products in a variety of washroom settings and have always received the best reviews, showing just how popular they are! 

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we are more than proud to supply Franke's original and effective products. 

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Franke | Planox Washtrough | Commercial Washroom

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