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Inta is the leading manufacturer of anti-scald products within the UK. Inta has been helping customers to improve their bathrooms for over 10 years, with a goal of creating safer, more comfortable and stylish washrooms. Inta have become known for their innovative designs which are easy to use and are suited to many different locations.

With a variety of ranges to support their growing catalogue, they supply everything, from traditional styles and uses, to contemporary, unique uses. There is also an option for water saving handsets, alongside products which include their specialist anti-scald technology. This makes their products a lot safer than others in the same realm and suitable in schools and home settings.

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Inta's warranty is 12 months cover for taps, tmvs and other products and 5 years for their showers. The extended warranty in showering products shows their expertise and how reliable the make of these products are. Health and safety, as well as, environmental factors are incredibly important to Inta's products and how they are manufactured, minimising use of resources.

Inta have also become recently involved with heating and plumbing systems, further expanding their products and services. A product, under the name of ActivFlo Lite, has been manufactured to improve the quality of hard water in certain areas, through a water conditioner, further preventing limescale. This is deeming extremely popular with our customers also.