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Commercial Washrooms are leaders in the supply and fit of superloos for commercial buildings in the UK

With the COVID-19 pandemic making hygiene the number one consideration for commercial washroom projects, the ‘superloo’ is the ideal toilet cubicle solution. At Commercial Washrooms, we are highly experienced at designing, supplying and fitting superloos that ensure your business is providing the best possible washroom experience for both employees and customers or clients.

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What is a superloo?

A Superloo is a self-contained toilet cubicle which includes a toilet, sink (or other hand washing products), hand dryer and often a vanity unit (including mirror). They are designed to cater to one person at a time, so the user does not have to use a communal bathroom when using the toilet or washing their hands.

Superloos can be unisex as only one person uses them at a time, and they are ideal for areas which only have a small space for the toilet facilities. These space saving toilet cubicles are designed to give the user the reassurance that hygiene is a top consideration.

What is a superloo | Commercial Washrooms

The Superloo Design and Installation Process

Initial Consultation | Commercial Washrooms

1. Initial Consultation

Call or email us today and let us know the size and functionality requirements of your superloo.

Site Visit and Survey | Commercial Washrooms

2. Site Visit and Survey

We then visit your premises to scope the extent of the work that needs doing and answer any questions you may have

Design Specification | Commercial Washrooms

3. Superloo Design

Our design team will draw up, using CAD and CGI’s, how your superloo will look for you to review and approve.

Installation | Commercial Washrooms

4. Superloo Installation

Finally, we provide a full superloo installation service, with your own designated project manager throughout.

Superloo Products

We have a wide variety of products to be used within your superloo, from IPS panels and duct sets to accessories and wall hung toilets to washbasins. Browse some of our product ranges below to find the ideal solution for your superloo.


Superloos | Toilets | Commercial Washrooms


Superloos | Sinks | Commercial Washrooms

Wash Troughs

Superloos | Wash Troughs | Commercial Washrooms

Combination Units

Superloos | Combination Units | Commercial Washrooms

Vanity Units

Superloos | Vanity Units | Commercial Washrooms

IPS Panels and Duct Sets

Superloos | IPS Panels and Duct Sets | Commercial Washrooms

For a space-saving, unisex commercial bathroom option which can be used by any gender, providing the ultimiate in washroom hygiene, book your superloo consultation today.

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