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Whether its sizing Information, Price or Fittings...We can help you out.

Commercial Washrooms range of Toilet Cubicles

Spring / 2019

Toilet Cubicle Sizes

Forming the main focus of your washrooms, cubicles can either make or break an aesthetic. With this in mind, designing your Cubicles to suitable dimensions can be a tricky task.

We have designed Toilet Cubicles for all environments, and from the lessons learned, we are happy to pass on our knowledge. Have a read of our article on Toilet Cubicles Sizes.

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Toilet Cubicles - For all environment

Toilet Cubicle Sizing & Dimensions | Commercial Washrooms

Toilet Cubicle Fittings

Ensuring effective functionality and security of cubicles, their fittings need to be up to the task. Our range ensures that any fittings you choose, tick all the boxes, including aesthetic.

Much of our hardware is available for Next-Day delivery. So you can get your cubicle locks, legs, hooks, hinges, brackets, and complete packs faster!

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Toilet Cubicle Fittings | Browse our Range | Commercial Washrooms

Toilet Cubicle Range

No two cubicles are the same, and our range reflects this. Working closely with suppliers and our in-house design team, we work towards a perfect bespoke cubicle solution for you.

Whether you require flat-packed-fast-delivery cubicles, children's cubicles, shower cubicles or individual panels, Our range is built to reflect the varying demands faced.

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Toilet Cubicles | Browse our Range for Prices and Styles | Commercial Washrooms

Whether its sizing Information, Price or Fittings...We can help you out.

From Simply Supplying Panels...To Stripping and Fitting

Spring / 2019

At Commercial Washrooms we are happy to help whether you simply need goods supplied...or if you would like them fitted as well.

With this in mind, our Expert Advice comes with a knowledge of the product that we are happy to boast about.

With two workforces across the South of England, we are geographically bound to this region for fitting work, but can supply Nationwide!

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As washroom specialists, our toilet cubicle range has evolved over time to reflect what we see as essential. With this in mind, we have perfected the Design, Logistics, and Aftercare required for all installations

Understanding the size, fitting options and price of toilet cubicles can be a tricky proposition. Furthermore, as such a prominent washroom feature it is important to get them right.

Our range can be browsed online. Furthermore, with an in-house design team, we can create CAD drawings to create a more realistic interpretation of your toilet cubicles.

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Our Virtual Showroom offers you the chance to see what our various cubicle designs look like...

Toilet Cubicles | Children's Cubicles | Commercial Washrooms

Toilet Cubicles | Full Height | Commercial Washrooms

Toilet Cubicles | Modern, Sleek, Design | Commercial Washrooms

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