Toilet Refurbishments for Schools

School Toilet Refurbishment

Expert School Toilet Refurbishment Company,
from Design to Installation

Expert School Toilet Refurbishment Company, from Design to Installation

Our Washroom Refurbishment Project Team offer a fully managed service throughout the South of the UK from our Dorset and London offices. They offer a turnkey solution that includes the stripping out and dismantling of existing toilet facilities and the management of the relevant tradesmen and installers who put them back together.

Commercial Washrooms Ltd has been designing, supplying and Refurbishing School Toilets since 1999. We're proud to be the UK's leading specialist.

Our Project Surveyors are experienced members of staff who are responsible for putting together your school toilet refurbishment quote and specification. It all starts with a site visit to your School or College to ensure we get all the information we need, including your room layouts and dimensions. The visit allows you to ask any questions or make any requests you might have. From there we can raise an all-inclusive quote, specification and CAD drawings to give a better idea of the finish, layout and costs you should expect.

Get in touch to discuss your school toilet refurbishment project.

The Toilet Design Process for Schools

We have been designing and installing commercial washrooms for over 25 years and have perfected a highly efficient and
effective process which looks to find solutions to any problems we may encounter along the way.


Contact School Toilet Refurbishment TeamContact School Toilet Refurbishment Team

1. Initial Consultation

It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch with us and let us know the size and functionality required within your washroom.

School Toilet Refurbishment Site SurveySchool Toilet Refurbishment Site Survey

2. Site Visit and Survey

We’ll arrange a time to come and visit your site or building to scope the extent of the work that needs doing and discuss your needs further.

Contact School Toilet Refurbishment TeamContact School Toilet Refurbishment Team

3. Design Specification

Our design team will then draw up, through CAD and CGI’s, how your end product will look for you to review and approve.

School Toilet Refurbishment InstallationSchool Toilet Refurbishment Installation

4. Installation

Our installation specialists will have the project completed within a specified timeframe, including all building work and product installation.

Open Plan Toilet Design Process for Schools

Modern School Washroom Refurbishment Projects involve improvements in the way that Antisocial Behaviour is managed in Schools. Many schools are designing their toilets to have an open-plan layout that aims to stop children from congregating in toilets, therefore reducing incidents of bullying and vandalism.

Full-height school toilet cubicles are frequently installed to provide modesty for boys and girls in unisex toilet rooms. Other school toilet room design ideas include reduced-height school toilets to help children use them and sensor taps help to reduce water use and prevent the washroom from flooding thanks to their timed flows.

When refurbishing their toilets many schools are choosing to remove the washroom entrance doors. This helps to increase visibility inside the rooms and helps teachers and staff to better monitor toilet areas.

Anti-concealment ceiling tiles mean pupils cannot hide contraband in the Toilets and No mirrors – preventing injury and time-wasting, reducing 'hang time'.

Read more about how Advances in Toilet Blocks are eliminating Antisocial behaviour in schools.

St Annes School Southampton Girls Toilet Refurbishment

This school toilet refurbishment project involved design improvements to achieve an open-plan layout that discouraged Antisocial Behaviour. Products installed included sensor taps, floor-to-ceiling cubicles and a few other ingenious ideas.

Bournemouth University Changing Room Refurbishment

Bournemouth University needed to convert an existing office space into a travel-to-work changing room and shower room. This space would be used for those commuting to work who may want to dry wet clothes, change and freshen up before and/or after work. 

With the university having its dedicated contractors and tradespeople, Commercial Washrooms was approached for a professional specification and washroom design service, as well as the supply of all washroom materials.

Ridgeway Primary School Toilet Refurbishment

We were approached by Ridgeway Primary School to take care of their refurbishment of one girl's and one boy's toilet rooms in need of modernisation.

The school used this opportunity to make some improvements that not only improved the efficiency of their School Toilets but significantly enhanced both durability and longevity.