Commercial Washrooms' Range of Ultra-Fast SGL Cubicles

ultra fast cubicles

Our Ultra-Fast Cubicle Solution

Vandal Resistant Cubicles with 'Off-the-Shelf' Availability

Thursday / 26th October

Time is not always something we have the luxury of. There are sometimes circumstances that mean replacement cubicles need to be installed quickly to bring as little disruption to the site as possible.

This could be following damaged or vandalized cubicles, or a development project that has fallen behind schedule.

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However, in the past, being up against tight deadlines often meant compromising on the product.

Aware of this urgency we set out to create a range of cubicles that can be with you on site in a matter if days.

Get a Taste of what your Washroom Could Look Like

Worried that SGL isn't for you? Read our guide on choosing the right material.

Choosing the right Cubicle Materials

Want to take your Vandal Proofing one step further?

Why Not Make Your Whole Washroom More Vandal Resistant?

Thursday / 26th October

The most common areas prone to vandalism are train stations, sports stadiums, hospitals, prisons and public conveniences. Damage from vandalism can be commonplace in these environments, but thanks to the ingenuity of modern design, you can drastically limit its presence in your washroom facilities.

The aim of anti-vandal fixtures and fittings is to reduce the amount of damage that can be inflicted on your washroom and limit the risk of it even happening in the first place. As a starting point, you want to conceal as much pipework as possible and reduce overhanging lips or anything that can be prised away from its foundations. You want to be looking for anything that is concealed or countersunk.

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