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Commercial Washrooms: Everything you need to know about Urinals

Spring / 2019

Urinal Troughs

We are able to supply Stainless-Steel wash troughs in both standard and bespoke lengths. These are supplied through leading manufacturers such and Franke and can be browsed and bought online.

These particular urinals come with a cistern and can be easily wall mounted for immediate use. 

Stainless steel makes these particular units extremely heavy duty, and perfect for vandal resistant purposes or in areas with high footfalls.

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Standard & Bespoke Measurements

Urinal Troughs | Commercial Washrooms

Urinal Cisterns & Bowls

We are pleased to offer our own range of urinals as well as those from leading UK sanitary ware manufacturers such as Twyford and Armitage Shanks.

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Our range of urinals is one of the most competitive in the UK. They can be purchased individually, or as convenient packs that include all the relevant urinal parts needed, including cistern, flush pipes, spreaders, and wastes.

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Concealed Vs Exposed

Urinal Cisterns | Urinal Bowls | Commercial Washrooms

Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals remove the need for traditional water flush urinals and offer considerable water saving potentials.

Waterless urinals are more hygienic than conventional flushing systems. The moist environment in conventional water flushing systems actually encourages the development of bacteria and fungi on the surfaces.

In addition to protecting the environment, Uridan® urinals also protect your bank account. Just one urinal can save up to 200,000 litres of water per year, which in turn saves you money.

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Save the Environment & Money

Waterless Urinals | Commercial Washrooms

Whether its maintenance Information, Price or Fittings...We can help you out.

General Maintenance, Accessories and Information

Spring / 2019

Build Your Knowledge

Urinals, regardless of if the plumbing is concealed or exposed, will need maintenance over the coming years. Particularly if they operate within a high footfall area.

Therefore, it is wise to have a basic understanding of several key areas, such as; How they Flush, Pros and Cons of Waterless Urinals & How to Fit Urinal Push Valves.

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As well as supplying all of the primary components needed, we also stock a healthy array of Urinal Accessories.

Our range includes urinal dividers, urinal spreaders, and flush pipes, waterless urinal refill cartridges, and packs, as well as many other washroom consumables used within washrooms.

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We utilise a close network of suppliers to ensure that your order can reach its destination safely and quickly.

Not only does this mean we can bring your products fast, but also that our product range is always exapnding to reflect market demands.

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Here we will list some additional options - Supply and Fit, Expert Advice, Design.

How do Urinals Flush? | Commercial Washrooms

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