Urinals are an important fixture in the male commercial washroom environment. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we are pleased to offer our own range of ceramic urinals as well as those from leading UK sanitary ware manufacturers such as Twyford, RAK Ceramics, and Armitage Shanks.

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  1. Armitage Shanks Sanura 500 Exposed Urinal Bowl Pack | Commercial Washrooms
    Armitage Shanks Sanura 500mm Exposed Urinal Bowl Pack
    £127.20 £106.00

  2. Armitage Shanks Sanura 500 Concealed Urinal Pack | Commercial Washrooms
    Armitage Shanks Sanura 500 Concealed Urinal Pack
    £127.20 £106.00

  3. Armitage Shanks Sanura 50cm 1 User Urinal Pack | Commercial Washrooms
    Armitage Shanks Sanura 50cm 1 User Exposed Urinal Pack
    £228.00 £190.00

  4. Armitage Shanks Sanura 50cm 2 User Urinal Pack
    Armitage Shanks Sanura 50cm 2 User Exposed Urinal Pack
    £338.40 £282.00

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Washroom Urinals for Sale

Our range of washroom urinals for sale is one of the most competitive in the UK. Our urinals can be purchased individually, or as convenient packs that include all the relevant urinal parts needed, including cistern, flush pipes, bowls spreaders, and wastes.

Our urinals for sale come in a variety of materials including ceramic, stainless steel as well as resin GRP. All  of our urinals are suitable for use in a wide variety of commercial washrooms, including public toilets, schools, office environments and many more.

Our Urinal Products

Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals are a great way to save on water bills and economically manage your washroom. We carry a number of waterless urinal options as well as a selection of replacement filters and associated urinal products.

Urinal Troughs

Made from high-grade stainless steel, our urinal troughs come in various bespoke lengths and dimensions depending on your individual washrooms size or design. You can contact our sales team to discuss bespoke urinal trough options in greater detail.

Urinal Cisterns

Our urinal cisterns come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs, and from some of the top washroom product brands in the country, such as Armitage Shanks and Twyford, to be the perfect fit for your unique commercial washroom.

Urinal Flush Controls 

Commercial Washrooms offer a wide variety of urinal flush controls, and we can offer our independent advice to our customers on the different sensor and manual urinal flush controls available on the market, to see what would suit your washroom the best.

Urinal FAQs

How do Waterless Urinals work?

Waterless urinals work by diverting urine into a one way valve and through to a trap. This urinal trap has a chemical less dense than urine, so when the urine enters the trap, the chemical displaces the urine and forces it lower into the trap. Waterless urinals are an excellent way to save water and avoid all the potential problems that come with water, such as flooding. They are also very hygienic, reducing the spread and growth of bacteria.

Why do Urinals get blocked?

The reason urinals can become blocked over time is usually down to the build up of scale in either the waste pipe work or the urinal traps. This scale is mostly caused by limescale that is present in the water, and uric scale, which is a combination of proteins found in urine and hard water that forms a hard accumulation of scale in the urinal systems.

How to Unclog a Commercial Urinal

To unclog a urinal, you can simply use a plunger the same way you'd unclog a toilet. If this doesn’t have the desired effect, you can use a drain auger to snake the drain line and remove any blockages. For more heavy duty blockages, you can use a solution of muriatic acid and water to dissolve blockages- being sure to wear the appropriate safety equipment and gloves to protect yourself.

Many common questions and general advice on urinals can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Commercial Urinals information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our urinals have been included.

Our specialist team is able to offer independent advice to you regarding your urinal needs and washroom project, from choosing the correct type of exposed or concealed trap for a particular urinal bowl to mounting and hanging advice for duct set and partitioning, we are confident that we can supply you with exactly the right urinal products. You can order online, or for more detailed advice along with your order, contact us or call our team today on 01202 650900.