Armitage Shanks Aquanil Replacement Waterless Urinal Cartridge

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This Aquanil RV06167 replacement waterless urinal cartridge is for use with the Armitage Shanks range of waterless urinals. The Aquanil technology uses Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics to aid in water conservation and is supported by advanced biotechnology.

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This Aquanil RV06167 replacement waterless urinal cartridge is for use with the Armitage Shanks range of waterless urinals. The Aquanil technology uses Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics to aid in water conservation and is supported by advanced biotechnology.

If you have a urinal manufactured by Armitage Shanks, this waterless urinal cartridge is the perfect replacement for keeping your washroom smelling fresh.The cartridge consists of a valve and a fragrance ring, the valve has a non-return feature allowing liquids to pass through before closing. This helps to prevent odours rising from the drain. The fragrance ring also helps to create a pleasant fragrance and also acts as a life cycle indicator. During its life, the fragrance block fades until it is transparent, at this stage the cartridge should be checked to see if it needs replacing.


  • Fits standard 38mm wastes

  • No water flush required

  • Liquid flows into the drain by gravity, no siphon required

  • Non-return valve helps prevent back flow of liquid or drain gases

  • Cartridge lasts approximately 7500 usages, so each urinal will use an average of 3 valves per year

  • Features a Fragrance Block that produces a pleasant smell and helps break down bacteria build up in waste pipes

  • Fragrance Ring lightens in colour as it is used - see at a glance when the valve needs replacing

  • Cartridge replacement is easy and inexpensive

  • Simple cleaning with a pH neutral surface cleaner- no need for bleach, chlorine, acid or other harsh agents


What is a waterless urinal cartridge?

Essentially, a waterless urinal cartridge is a cartridge specifically designed for waterless urinals which acts as a funnel that allows waste to flow from the urinal bowl to the plumbing drain system. They help to prevent the build-up of bad odours and keep your washroom facilities clean and hygienic. 

How often do you change a waterless urinal cartridge?

Typically, a waterless urinal cartridge will need changing every three months. That said, how often you replace your urinal cartridge will depend on the model of the cartridge and how often your urinals are used. For example, a washroom which sees high traffic will need to replace their waterless urinal cartridges more often to keep their bathroom clean and odour-free. If your urinals smell, it’s time to change the cartridge.

To put that in perspective, if your urinals are used between 200-300 times a day, you should replace them every month or two.

How does a waterless urinal cartridge work?

Simply put, gravity will carry the urine from the urinal bowl down through a seal in the waterless urinal cartridge and then into the plumbing drain system. This seal is what helps to combat bad odours and sewer gases from rising up the pipework and into the washroom (which would inevitably put users off using your facilities). 

How long does a waterless urinal cartridge last?

A waterless urinal cartridge could last up to a year, however, you should aim to replace them at least three times a year to prevent the build-up of bad odours and to ensure they work efficiently. This Aquanil waterless urinal cartridge replacement by Armitage Shanks will work effectively for around 7,500 uses so is likely to last you a few months. 

If your cartridge becomes damaged or has worn out, a replacement waterless urinal cartridge can easily be installed.

Can you use urinal cakes in a waterless urinal?

Waterless urinals are designed to be used without urinal cakes (the small tablets you often see in urinal bowls) and can keep washrooms odour-free using biological treatments.

How do you maintain waterless urinal cartridges and urinals?  

Waterless urinals are a great option for businesses who are looking to reduce their water waste and prevent bad odours (which are often caused by the mixture of water, urine and urinal cakes). That said, despite them being a more hygienic option, you’ll need to maintain them to keep them running smoothly. You can do this by disinfecting your urinals daily (more than once a day in washrooms with high traffic) and replacing the waterless urinal cartridge as and when needed. 

For more information on waterless urinals and how they work, check out our blog. Of particular relevance are the following articles:

If you would like to know more about this waterless urinal cartridge or any of our other products, we’d be happy to help. Contact us today.

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