What Is A Waterless Urinal?

What Is A Waterless Urinal?

Waterless urinals have allowed organisations to save both water and money thanks to the fact they don’t require a mains water connection. From schools and universities to pubs, restaurants and events venues, the rise of the waterless urinal has led to many businesses transforming how their male washrooms operate. 

How do waterless urinals work?

With no mains water connection needed, waterless urinals can be hung instantly to a wall or DUCT panelling system. The trap opening at the bottom of the urinal is attached to a waste pipe and the eventual sewerage system and is fitted with a special replaceable cartridge that prevents smells from rising back through the urinal. While urinals don’t require a water feed, they do need regular cleaning with a spray. Additionally, from time to time the waste pipes will benefit from a bucket of water being flushed through them – this helps combat uric acid buildup in the pipes.

The savings from waterless urinals

Waterless urinals don’t need water to flush them and as such deliver savings on both water supply and sewerage. Combined, it’s estimated that each switch to a waterless urinal in a busy washroom can deliver savings of around £400 every year. While it’s true they do require regular cleaning and waterless cartridges need changing every 15,000 - 20,000 uses, the maintenance of them is somewhat similar to that of a regular water-fed urinal. 

What Is A Waterless Urinal?

Where are waterless urinals best suited?

Waterless urinals are perfect for organisations that are working towards eco-efficiency. Additionally, they are also well suited for exposed and outdoor washroom facilities. If you have a poorly insulated outbuilding or exposed facilities, waterless urinals mean that you don’t have to worry about mains water pipes freezing up or bursting. 

Converting a normal urinal into a waterless one

If you have existing urinals you are very happy with but would like to remove the need for their water flushing, then a retrofit kit could be a sensible way to go. This kit allows you to switch off the water feed and rely on a urinal cartridge for freshness. The retro-fit waterless urinal pack comes with all the items necessary to replace the waste outlet in your existing urinal and install one that will take the aforementioned waterless urinal cartridges. You can read about the pros and cons of waterless urinals on our earlier blog post HERE.

If you would like further advice on waterless urinals, or to discuss how they might fit into your existing washrooms, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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