10 Washroom Features That Combat Vandalism

10 Washroom Features That Combat Vandalism

There are many washroom environments where vandal resistant features need to be considered. Schools, prisons, hospitals and other institutional settings most often require them, as well as public facilities in train stations, bus stations and motorway services. In many instances, vandalism may not actually be a problem, and caretakers may just be looking for the most durable options available. Below, we take a look at 10 hard-wearing features that combat vandalism.

1. Back To Wall Toilets
One of the first steps towards creating a vandal resistant washroom is using back-to-wall toilets. To use this style of toilet, you'll need to incorporate duct panel systems (which is kind of like a false wall). The cistern and all pipework is hidden behind the false wall meaning they can’t be broken or tampered with. Another great anti-vandal addition to include at this stage is sensor activated flush kits. This removes the need for your traditional flusher, leaving you with a completely smooth wall behind the toilet pan and no moving or exposed parts other than the toilet seat.

2. Deck Mounted Vandal Resistant Sensor Taps
Sensor activated taps, again, reduce the number of moving parts, which means less can go wrong. However, in environments that are more highly prone to vandalism such as prisons and train station, you may want to choose DVS High Security Deck Mounted taps. These are also sensor activated but sit flush against the counter or basin with sloped, raised edges, so they can’t be prised away or broken.Polished DVS Vandal Resistant Deck Mounted Sensor Tap

3. Concealed Trap Urinals
Like the duct panels and back to wall toilets, concealed trap urinals keep pipework hidden and protected against vandalism and tampering. The trap and waste pipes, as you can probably tell from the name of this item, are concealed and protected. An added little bonus with these units, is that they are easier to clean due to reduced surface area. You’ll find concealed trap urinals made from porcelain as well as stainless steel.

4. Thrii Anti-vandal Recessed Hand Wash And Dryer Unit
These heavy-duty units deliver water, soap dispensary and hot air to dry a users hands. As well as being incredibly robust, the units save space, reduce water usage and also eliminate the need for paper hand towels. The Thrii Anti-vandal unit is recessed into the wall or duct panel and is a great choice when space is limited. It is also ideal for washrooms that are left unattended for long periods of time.

5. Vandal Resistant Fast Fit Shower Head

In schools and leisure centres, where showers are most common, you might want to ensure your facilities are able to withstand vandalism and accidental damage. The Fast Fit Shower Heads have an anti-ligature design, which not only means they’re more difficult to prise away from the wall, but nothing can be tied to or hung from it – a requirement in environments such as prisons and mental health institutions, to prevent users from harming themselves.

6. Franke Anti Vandal Security Hand Wash Basin
These hard wearing wash basins cleverly conceal the waste pipe and trap, protecting them in a sheet of stainless steel. The sink also has concealed brackets which makes it perfect for high risk washrooms. Wall mounted taps can be used with this basin and you have the option to purchase one with two tap holes pre-cut. A great alternative to this wash basin is the wall inset basin with electronic water control from Franke. Designed in conjunction with Police authorities this unit features smooth profiled corners and edges. Ideal for custody suites, bail hostels and other secure accommodations.

7.Squatting Pans
Squat pans have been highly popular on the continent for years. You’ll most often come across them in the UK at campsites and prisons, but due to their solid durability, they’re slowly starting to be seen more and more often in the UK too. Not only do squat pans have no exposed pipework or waste, but they also benefit from not having a toilet seat, which can be a common fixture that gets damaged and needs frequent replacing. Washrooms that have squat pans are most often the washrooms that can be completely hosed down.

8. DVS Wall Hung Vandal Resistant Toilet PanDVS Wall Hung Vandal Resistant Toilet with Blue Seat
However, squat pans aren’t to everyone’s needs and today there are actually toilet pans that have been designed not even need a toilet seat. The Wall Hung Vandal Resistant pan from Dart Valley Systems is not only robust enough to withstand high level abuse, but it has also been designed to avoid ligature points wherever possible. This item is very popular in hospitals, mental health institutions and prisons, but is also an ideal option for both public and school washrooms where vandalism is a problem.

9. Inta Push Button Concealed Shower Control
Another shower item to bear in mind is the push button control, which has two main benefits. Firstly, the water flow is regulated to only come through for a set period of time. This prevents water being left on and can save water and, most essentially, money.  Secondly, push button controls like this Inta Concealed Shower Control, requires all pipework be hidden or buried into the wall. As such, there are no exposed pipes or fittings that can be prised away or damaged.

10. Dolphin Recessed Automatic Wash Station
This slick looking unit has similar functionality to the Thrii unit mentioned above. The Dolphin Recessed Automatic Wash Station delivers users with soap, water and hot air, and takes up minimal space – ideal in washrooms where space is limited. The recessed unit sits flush against the wall and blends into modern, contemporary designed washrooms seamlessly.

So whether you’re completely refurbishing a washroom, or planning on making some durable, hard-wearing alterations you’ll find a wide range of anti-vandal fixtures and fittings on Commercial Washrooms. 

As always, our team are at the end of the telephone for all your queries and questions and have a wealth of knowledge they’re happy to share with you. So if you need some guidance, or would like to talk over your options, you can give them a call on 01202 650900.

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