Are You Student Ready?

Are You Student Ready?

In many student towns up and down the country, pubs, bars, restaurants, and events venues will be enjoying the ‘quiet before the storm’. That time of year before Fresher’s Week begins and things start to get busy with a new academic year at local universities. 

However, along with all these new students comes an increased footfall to your business, great for the tills, less so for your facilities. It’s inevitable when catering for an energetic clientele that common misuse will rear its head. The trick is to be prepared and have vandal resistance built into your washroom design from the get-go. Here we take a look at some easy swaps you can make to your venue’s washrooms to help improve and protect them for the year ahead.

Stainless steel

There are some great stainless steel options in our collections that bring the perfect balance between durability and modern aesthetics. Items like the Ultra Dry Heavy Duty Hand Dryer and the Franke Campus Back To Wall Toilet are highly durable favourites in this environment. 

Sensor taps

Due to the slick design and easy to use nature of sensor taps they tend to suffer much less from wear and tear or accidental damage. The move to sensor taps also removes the risk of taps being accidentally left on, which can cause washroom flooding – this can bring about the damage that’s costly to correct. 

Hand dryers over paper towels

Paper towel dispensers need replacing and quickly fill waste bins. If you don't already have hand dryers installed then consider making the change as this will save you and your staff a lot of time. Models like the Biodrier Lite and the Dyson Airblade are popular choices in event venues due to their high durability.

Ultra Dry Heavy Duty Automatic Hand Dryer Polished or White

Wash troughs

Wash troughs have proved very popular in recent years as their large communal format makes them easier to clean than a line of individual basins. You’ll also only have one waste outlet to clean and unblock too. 

Sanitary waste bins

Never overlook the importance of this vital disposal. Without it, you could leave yourself open for unnecessary toilet blockages. You can install your own vandal-resistant sanitary waste bins like the Franke Recessed Wall Mounted Sanitary Bin, or outsource this to a sanitary waste service. 

By making some of these simple swaps in your venue washrooms you’ll be better prepared for the new influx of students. If you would like further advice on durable washroom alternatives or would like to discuss how Commercial Washrooms could help you redesign and improve your faculties, please view our services or get in touch with the team on 01202 650900.

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