Avoiding Washroom Horror Shows

Avoiding Washroom Horror Shows

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, goes the old saying. This could not be more fitting for the washroom environment where hygiene and personal safety for your users is of paramount importance. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew
Yes, you may have done a sterling job hanging that picture for your partner at the weekend, or managed to put up some very sturdy shelves in the kitchen, but commercial installations can often be much more demanding than those in a domestic setting. 

While there are of course some items that competent DIYers might be capable of, there are certain elements of a commercial washroom that are going to require some professional expertise. For instance, electrics and wiring in a commercial washroom need to be signed off for safety and in this humid, wet environment there is absolutely no room for error. 

Draw from the experience of experts
Expert tradesmen with significant experience in commercial washroom installation are your safest bet. Working in this kind of setting day in day out means they will know exactly how to overcome any problem you might uncover during renovations. Whether it’s something like a wall that’s not flush for fitting your wash basin, or weakened substrates that need specific treatment ahead of installation, they’ll save you a lot of unnecessary worry and time by presenting you with actionable solutions. 

Get the job done quicker and better
At Commercial Washrooms we have over a decade of experience in this field and have close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. This means we know fixtures and fittings intimately and know exactly how the finish will measure up.
Bringing in the professionals also has many merits such as getting a more precise, clean and durable finish, but often in a much quicker time frame than novice handymen or avid DIYers could ever hope to achieve. The finish will measure up.

Other things to bear in mind…
If you are choosing to carry out installations yourself, then allow an ample window of time to do them. Commercial grade fittings can often call for specialist tools to install and will often require a firmer, more secure fitting. Poor fitting can often result in a shorter lifespan of your washroom. It’s also worth bearing in mind that even vandal resistant items won't last as long if they’re not correctly fitted. 

If you have any further questions on getting a rock-solid commercial washroom installed, or would like to talk about refurbishing your current washroom to a certain budget, please get in touch with the team today on 01202 650900

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