How Does A Dyson Hand Dryer Work?

How Does A Dyson Hand Dryer Work?

From airports to restaurants, the Dyson Airblade has become one of the most globally recognised hand dryers. As well as boasting smooth aesthetics and design, these hand dryers have helped change the way in which hand dryers actually operate. Through intelligent engineering, these units work to remove moisture from the hands in a matter of seconds.

How Does A Dyson Hand Dryer Work?

Unlike traditional hand dryers that blow hot air onto hands in an attempt to evaporate the moisture through heat, the Dyson Airblade actually blows room temperature air onto wet hands. However, the air jets from the Dyson Airblade family are powerful and fast. The rapid air flow emitted from these hand dryers actually pushes water off and away from the skin, drying them more effectively and in a quicker time frame. 

The air in the room is brought into the Dyson unit and passes through a HEPA filter, which removes airborne particles and pollutants, significantly improving the air that’s used to dry your hands. 

HEPA filters and what they do?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and the filters that carry this name remove 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns - that’s incredibly small as 10,000 microns is a centimetre. Thanks to a weave of thousands of fine fibres, HEPA filters trap almost all airborne particles ensuring clean air comes out the other side. This is particularly important in Dyson hand dryers, as it means clean purified air is blown across freshly washed hands. Without a HEPA filter, you run the risk of blowing bacteria and contaminated air onto hands, which could pose a health risk. 

What’s the best type of Dyson hand dryer?

There are many types of Dyson hand dryer, and the technology Dyson use throughout their hand dryers makes each and every one of them incredibly high performance. However, some are geared towards different applications. The Dyson Airblade db is perhaps the most iconic model, which requires a clear wall space around waist height. Meanwhile, the Airblade V can be situated higher and takes up much less space on the wall. Alternatively, the Dyson 9kj allows you to showcase a contemporary pillar design with small hand drying arms, while the Airblade Tap seamlessly delivers water for washing hands as well as one of the most efficient drying methods available. 

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