How to Maximise Urinal Hygiene and Water Efficiency

How to Maximise Urinal Hygiene and Water Efficiency

Maintaining a hygienic and efficient washroom environment is crucial for commercial establishments such as offices, schools, and leisure centres. In this blog post, we will explore the various measures and practices that can help maximise the hygiene and water efficiency of your urinals, benefiting both users and your establishment.

How do urinals benefit washroom hygiene?

Urinals promote washroom hygiene through the minimisation of direct contact, faster facility usage, and effective odour control. By incorporating urinals into your washroom design and following proper maintenance practices, you can create a clean, hygienic, and user-friendly environment for your patrons, employees, and visitors.

Minimising Contact

Urinals provide a hygienic alternative to traditional toilets by allowing individuals to stand while urinating. This design reduces the need for direct contact with surfaces like toilet seats, which can harbour bacteria or germs. By minimising contact, urinals promote better personal hygiene and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Faster Facility Usage

Compared to traditional stalls, urinals facilitate quicker and more efficient use of washroom facilities. Reduced waiting times and congestion promote better overall hygiene, particularly in busy public settings.

Odour Control

Properly designed urinals paired with adequate drainage and regular maintenance help control odours in washrooms. Urinals are equipped with a trap seal that acts as a barrier, blocking odours from the drainage system and keeping them contained within the plumbing lines. Some urinals are even designed to release odour-neutralising agents or deodorisers, which can help mask and reduce unpleasant odours even further.

How to minimise urinal water usage

Water conservation is a key consideration in today's environmentally conscious world. By implementing water-saving measures, you can significantly reduce water usage and associated costs. Here are some effective methods to help you minimise the water usage of your urinals:

Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals utilise innovative trap systems and cartridges to eliminate the need for flushing altogether. This not only saves water but also reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the risk of leaks.

Flushing Urinals

Installing flushing urinals with automatic sensors or manual flush valves allows for controlled water usage per flush. These devices offer a minimal amount of water flow, maintaining cleanliness whilst conserving as much water as possible to get the job done.

What height should Urinals be mounted

While there is no rule about Urinal Heights, we would recommend 60cm to the front edge of the trough for Adults, 50cm for Secondary Schools and 44cm for Primary Schools

How to Ensure your Urinals are Hygienic

Maintaining a hygienic urinal is essential for user satisfaction and overall washroom cleanliness. Here are some factors to consider:

Splashing and Splashback

Well-designed urinals with appropriate water flow and shape can minimise splashing and splashback, reducing the risk of bacteria or odours spreading. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure ongoing hygiene.

Urinal Screens or Mats

Urinals are often equipped with screens or mats that capture debris and help reduce odours. Regular replacement or cleaning of these screens or mats is vital to maintain optimal hygiene.

Hand Hygiene

Encouraging proper handwashing practices after using the urinal is essential for maintaining both personal hygiene and the hygiene of your establishment. Displaying clear signage and providing adequate handwashing facilities with soap and hand dryers promote good hand hygiene among users.


Urinals offer several benefits, including reduced contact with surfaces, faster facility usage, and effective odour control. These advantages contribute to improved washroom hygiene and enhance the overall user experience. By implementing the strategies outlined in this blog post, you can maximise the hygiene and water efficiency of your urinals, creating a clean and sustainable washroom environment.

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