The Hidden Benefits of Good Commercial Washrooms

The Hidden Benefits of Good Commercial Washrooms

You might just be looking to freshen up your washroom aesthetically, but there are a number of hidden benefits in the modern refurb that can turn your tired old washroom into an efficient, hard-working wash space that’s easier to clean, easier to maintain, and improves personal hygiene throughout your workforce and customer base. Below we take a look at some the best-hidden benefits of good commercial washrooms.

Low maintenance
You’ll find a wealth of low maintenance features in today’s washroom materials. When using solid grade laminate for cubicles, you’ll have a material that’s completely impervious to water, making damp, swollen panels a thing of the past. You may also choose to install waterless urinals, resulting in no mains water feed, and enjoy the benefits of large format Altro wall cladding, which can be sanitised in seconds. 

Energy & water savings
By employing sensor activation throughout your washroom you can reap the financial rewards of lower energy and water usage. Sensor activated taps and flushers mean water is emitted for a set period of time, reducing the amount of water per user. PIR sensors can be installed to ensure the lights are only on when someone is actually in the room, while sensor activated hand dryers not only mean no need to refill paper towel dispensers, but electricity usage is kept to a minimum too. Additionally, each waterless urinal could deliver an annual saving of around £400 in water and sewerage charges.

Staff attendance & retention
Sensor activation is not only popular because it looks cool, but it improves usability ten-fold. Creating warm inviting washrooms that are a pleasure to use can go a long way to improving staff retention (it’s not all about slides and bean bag chairs a-la Google offices) Sensor activation also improves hygiene significantly as users don't need to physically touch toilet flushers and taps, which reduces the spread of dirt and bacteria. Better personal hygiene, means fewer sickness outbreaks and improved staff attendance. 

Longer lifespan
The performance and durability of washroom items has been significantly improved these days. An anti-vandal washroom doesn't mean you have to compromise on aesthetics these days. With new and improved materials are being utilised for everything from toilet cubicles and countertops, through to wash troughs, baby changing stations and sanitary ware, washroom refits today are likely to last much longer than their predecessors. 

Improved safety
The advancement in flooring technology has led to anti-slip features that work with both bare feet and shoes without the need for large ridges where dirt and bacteria can gather, which can be difficult to clean. Installing TMV3 valves means water temperature is controlled before it leaves the tap, meaning users can't accidentally scold themselves. For certain environments, it can also be a good idea to use fittings that have an anti-ligature design, further preventing the risk of users hurting themselves. 

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