Top Facilities Attract top Talent & Clients

Top Facilities Attract top Talent & Clients

Staff retention is serious business and companies are working harder than ever to keep hold of good employees. It’s counterproductive to rattle through staff and the investment in training and development can vanish in an instant if an offer at a better workplace comes knocking.

Most SME’s know the importance of creating a positive and inviting workspace and offer perks like flexible working hours, free breakfasts and generous away-days to help boost morale and improve productivity. However, the washrooms are notoriously an area that gets overlooked. The old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don't fix it,’ is sometimes used also improve hygiene in your washroom, reducing the spread of bacteria and subsequent sick days from staff. as an excuse not to refurb. However, the washroom is a personal, private space and users want to feel that same intuitiveness and comfort as they do in the rest of the workplace. Many modern features can 

But before you scare the finance guy, know that there are also ways to refresh your washroom without heading into a full-blown refurbishment project.

Wash troughsSensor activation
Sensor activation is incredibly intuitive and can also bring great water and electricity savings. Taps and flushers only emit a controlled amount of water, and hand dryers or light switches only fire up when actually in use. If you add in the fact that sensor activation improves hygiene and makes the washroom easier to clean, choosing sensor taps makes complete sense on almost every level.

Increasingly popular across almost all sectors is the wash trough. Large communal hand wash areas are easier to clean and maintain than individual wash basins and can make a statement in your washrooms. With a diverse range of options, you can also find wash troughs to fit your corporate personality. Wash troughs can also be partnered with a variety of different taps to continue bold design statements like these Dolphin monobloc mixer taps that come in strikingly smart finishes. 

Colour & imagery
Embracing colour through your washroom is a great way to revitalise the space. With solid grade laminate available in such a phenomenal range of colours, you can incorporate your brand’s colours easily. Photographic or illustrated decals can also be used which can really bring energy into what has historically been quite a stale and unloved environment.  

Whether you have employees that enjoy cycling, hitting the local Box for cross-fit, or in training for an upcoming run, staff showers allow these motivated employees to fit in their activities around work much more easily. Whether they’re cycling or working out before they get to the office, or trying to make the most of their lunch break, a single shower enclosure can we a great move in your staff retention strategies. 

If you’d like to talk about ways to streamline and refresh your washrooms, get in touch with the team today on 01202 650900.

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