Commercial Bathroom Ideas

Commercial Bathroom Ideas

Designing a bathroom for a commercial property may seem simple, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Why not ask us about our Commercial Washroom Design Service? We have numerous examples of previous washroom design projects to help gain an understanding of what you can expect.

As well as being practical, a commercial bathroom needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, and accessible for families and those with disabilities. It needs to be spacious enough for people to manoeuvre, while still containing privacy dividers and all the necessary fittings.

Commercial Washrooms have been supplying and installing high-quality washroom fixtures for over a decade. In this guide, we lay out some design ideas we hope will inspire you in your own commercial bathroom project.


Commercial Bathroom Blue and White Toilets

It may not be glamorous, but choosing the right toilets is an important part of designing a commercial bathroom. The toilets you decide on should be durable, comfortable, and fit within the design style of the bathroom.


Thanks to their compact size and modern looks, back to wall toilets and urinals are ideal for commercial bathrooms. These are installed with the rear of the toilet pan against a service wall or IPS duct panel. The cistern they are connected to is concealed behind the same service wall or duct panel. By concealing supply and waste pipework from view, they save space and create a neat, minimalist aesthetic.

For heritage, period, or vintage-style buildings, a more traditional toilet model may fit in better. Low level toilets invoke Victorian-era designs, and help create a classy, retro bathroom when combined with appropriate tiles and decorations.


Make sure your toilets suit their intended users. For example, if you’re building a bathroom for a primary school, choose toilets specifically designed for children.

Under The Equality Act 2010, it is a legal requirement to have accessibility accommodations for both disabled employees and members of the public. You must have at least one disabled toilet within your commercial bathroom.

Will your new bathroom be at risk of vandalism? Vandal-resistant sanitaryware is made of either high-grade stainless steel or a ceramic-resin composite material, with both offering excellent impact resistance.


For increased hygiene, consider installing touch-free sensor flushes. These flush when someone waves their hand in front of them. Not only are they effortless to use, but they help reduce the spread of germs and disease.

Waterless urinals reduce splashing by up to 90%, lowering the chance of contamination to other users and local surfaces. They also help save water and achieve higher BREEAM ratings in new build commercial premises.


Hands-free wash trough

Your sinks are one of the first things people will see when walking into your commercial bathroom, so it’s important your taps and basins are well designed.


The most conventional tap designs, lever and deck mounted taps are affordable ways of dispensing water. They come in a variety of designs, making them a versatile choice for all bathroom styles.

Non-concussive taps are ideal for commercial bathrooms, as they deliver a timed flow of water when pressed. This prevents the taps from being left on and wasting water.

Similarly, sensor taps also turn off automatically after a period of time. Because users do not need to touch them to turn them on or off, they have the added advantage of promoting good hygiene.


Inset basins fitted in a vanity unit are great for commercial bathrooms, as they hide unsightly pipework and protect pipes from damage or vandalism. Vanity units also have a lot of design flexibility - they come in bright or muted colours and modern or classic models, with many different finishes and shapes. This means they can fit seamlessly within any bathroom design.

For a contemporary look, semi-recessed, underslung, and countertop basins are ideal. They offer sleek and cutting-edge designs that add visual interest to your bathroom, while still performing their intended use perfectly. Wash troughs are also good for this: by linking multiple taps into one basin, they create a modern, unified look that makes the most out of the space.

If you’re really stuck for space, consider a washroom combination unit. These compact, all-in-one units dispense water, soap, hot air, and paper towels. They can be wall mounted or recessed, making them versatile enough to suit even the smallest spaces.


Black and Orange Cubicles

Toilet cubicles provide needed privacy at a fraction of the price of solid walls. Make sure the cubicles you choose match the design of your room - plain coloured cubicles work well in simpler rooms, while false wood or frosted glass cubicles offer a more opulent look.

For the ultimate security, floor to ceiling cubicles are your best option. As the name suggests, they fill the entire space from bottom to top, leaving no gaps to the rest of the bathroom. This gives users peace of mind that their modesty is being protected.

Children’s cubicles are designed for use in schools. They come with reduced height partitions, offering a bright and spacious feeling whilst retaining privacy. They have no sharp edges or corners and no headrail for enhanced safety.

Commercial Bathroom Accessories

Commercial Bathroom Ideas Accessories

To finish off your design, make sure to include a number of bathroom accessories. These serve to increase the hygiene, comfort, and useability of the room.

Build the Perfect Bathroom With Commercial Washrooms

Since 2010, Commercial Washrooms have been one of the UK’s leading bathroom suppliers, installers, and designers. We have years of experience working in all types of commercial properties, and supply only the most durable, high-quality fixtures and accessories.

Whether you need to buy some new dispensers or are looking for a complete redesign, we’re here to help you with all your commercial bathroom needs.

Get a quote on our services online or by calling us on 01202 650900.

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