Girls Boarding School Washrooms Custom Design Process

Girls Boarding School Washrooms Custom Design Process

With a specialism in refurbishing school washrooms and changing rooms, we have delivered projects for some of the leading educational institutions in the UK. From universities and colleges, to both private and public schools, we have done everything from a like-for-like refresh, to renovations that require significant structural alterations, new hot water systems, and new build extensions.

So when one of the leading British girls schools contacted us for a design consultation, we were able to completely rethink their existing washrooms and produce a specification that would deliver optimum durability, high hygiene standards, easy-clean functionality, and improved usability.

The washrooms would be used by students who are boarding, meaning a certain level of comfort needed to be incorporated into the design. By the hand wash basins, we allowed for custom cubby-holes to be constructed so that the girls can house their wash bags and toiletries, keeping the main countertop free from clutter. We also included full height toilet cubicles in order to deliver maximum privacy. These cubicles would be built using solid grade laminate (SGL), a material that’s renowned for it’s impressive durability and being completely impervious to water. This means the panels will never swell or weaken from ingress moisture.


Flooring throughout the washrooms would be an anti-slip vinyl safety flooring, Altro Walkway. This flooring has anti-slip properties that are active both dry and wet. It is also lapped up the sides of the wall by several inches creating a watertight basin. This allows for systematic deep cleans without the worry of water getting behind the flooring and lifting it.

Walls were to be clad in Altro Whiterock, large format panels that boast strong fire and hygiene ratings and work to deliver a protective layer to the walls that can be sanitised effectively with ease. This material can also be thermoformed around corners in order to reduce join lines and minimise areas where bacteria can build up.

Private shower rooms were also allowed for, as well as a larger concealed space where a bath is situated. This privacy was delivered to increase the domestic feel of the washrooms for the residential boarding students.

Within the toilet cubicles, we put provisions in place for half-height DUCT sets. This created a small false wall effect which can be used to house the cistern, flush controls, mains water and waste pipes. This not only protects the services from tampering and accidental damage, but also leaves the washrooms with a much slicker, smarter finish. WIth reduced surface areas, these cubicles are also much easier to clean. Back to wall toilets were incorporated into the design, along with sensor activated flush kits.

Sensor activation was an integral element of the design process. With sensor activated flush controls on the toilets, taps and hand dryers, physical touch points in the washroom would be significantly reduced, boosting to the overall hygiene standards of the washrooms. This was partnered with LED lighting that would be controlled by infra-red sensors, meaning the lights would be activated automatically when a student entered the washroom, and would switch off after a set period of time.

In its entirety, the designs for this prestigious private school worked to deliver a smart finish partnered with touches of comfort. As well as being highly durable and easy to clean, the design also had the added impact of being energy saving by way of electricity too.

If you would like to learn more about our bespoke design and specification services, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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