Washroom Design For Small Businesses

Washroom Design For Small Businesses

Washroom refurbishment takes many shapes and sizes and small businesses can often carry out improvements without the need for a specialist contractor. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here we take a look at some of the most helpful washroom considerations for small businesses:

You don’t have to have disabled toilets

Unless you're a new build property meeting specific requirements. However, you are expected to do the best you can when providing accessibility. A good approach is to try and adhere to ambulant washroom requirements. For this, you’ll be thinking about an outward opening door, grab rails of a colour that contrasts with the wall and taps that can be operated with a closed fist.

If you’d like to read about the various types of toilets and their required dimensions, see our post Toilet Cubicles: A Designers Guide To Dimensions.

When space is tight, look for multi-functionality

Many small businesses will have limited space to play with when it comes to their washroom. However, multifunctional fixtures can really help you out if space is limited. Items like the Franke Recessed Wall Mounted Waste Bin, Paper Towel, Soap Dispenser Combination Unit not only takes care of three services but is also recessed into the wall, delivering you a great saving on space. There are also options that incorporate hand washing as well, without giving your business the atmosphere of an unmanned public toilet.

Selecting toilets that work for your washroom

If you are able to have the plumbing concealed, or chased out and hidden in the wall, then back to wall toilets will probably be the best option and can save on average, about 15-20cm of usable space. Alternatively, look for close coupled toilets that best fit your washroom dimensions.

Look for space-saving options wherever you can

While toilets dimensions are fairly similar, washbasins come in a whole range of sizes and can really help you save some space the Twyford Moda 360 is a small hand wash basin that takes up just 36cm x 26cm square. Similarly, you can find options that sit recessed into the wall to take up very little protruding space or corner basins such as the Armitage Shanks Sandringham 21 Corner Washbasin.

Go ‘wall hung’ wherever possible

A cluttered floor does nothing for your business and quickly makes a room feel small and full. Keep the floor space clear and choose wall-mounted fixtures wherever possible. You can still deliver the same functionality as larger-scale washrooms, but offer everything from the dustbin and paper towel dispenser, to sink, loo roll and sanitary waste bin without clogging up your floor space. It’ll make the room easier to clean too.

Wall Hung Toilet

Sanitary waste bins

This is something that’s most often outsourced. Outsourcing means that you have responsible regular emptying of this bin, and in many cases, they will provide you with the bin itself too. However, these are unlikely to be wall-mounted and so if you are looking to keep the floor clear, you might consider installing a wall-mounted version.

Looking at eco-efficiency?

There are several reasons you might choose to look into eco features in the washroom, but one that gets the most interest is financial savings. Sensor or non-concussive taps only emit water for a set period of time and generally reduce the amount of water a guest uses. Low volume toilet cisterns also use much less water per flush and waterless urinals remove the need for a mains feed of water completely.

If you’d like to read about eco-efficient washrooms, why not take a look at How To Make Your Washroom Eco Friendly

If you’re unsure, seek advice from your retailer

Many businesses take on the DIY approach to washroom refurbishment, but there are a few common areas where things don’t go to plan. Water pressure tests are advised before selecting certain sensor taps as they require a certain amount of pressure to function. The last thing you want is to install your beautiful new taps, only to find the pressure won’t allow them to work. This test can be outsourced, or carried out by most competent plumbers.

Remember that urinals also need a flush controller, whether that’s a manual one, or an automatic sensor activated one. And lastly, TMV3 mixer valves, the clever piece of kit that takes your hot and cold feed, blending them into one temperature controlled outlet, and won't necessarily be integrated into your tap.

Seek proper advice before you make your purchases and ensure you come home with the correct equipment and fittings. If you’d like advice regarding any of our products, we’d be happy to help, just drop us a line on 01202 650900.

Don’t be afraid to roll your sleeves up

It can be a costly business sorting out your washroom, especially if it’s for a commercial venture. However, we offer a wide range of fixtures and fittings that are suitable for everyone from the DIYer to the professional contractor. We can help you choose options that are easier to install than others, or that can be carried out by a competent handyman. If your project is of a medium to large scale though, or if you are accommodating a high number of users each day, then you might want to consider relying on the expertise of a specialist contractor.

But call in the pros for certain things

Quite often, we get called in to install the trickier washroom items such as cubicles, IPS wall systems, and ducting. It’s worth remembering that you can call in the pros for just a certain element of the refurb to ensure you get the desired look and finish.

We offer a diverse range of services including 3D design, specification planning, installation, and project management. If you’d like to have a chat and look at options for your commercial wash space, we’d love to hear from you.

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