How To Stop A Soap Dispenser From Dripping

How To Stop A Soap Dispenser From Dripping

When soap dispensers begin to leak they not only cause an extra mess to clean up but can make your washroom look unkept and unprofessional. This is a particular problem in corporate and executive environments, such as law firms and design agencies, but also in restaurants, cafes and leisure centres.

As businesses and caretakers look to streamlining washrooms, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, problems like the leaky soap dispenser can quickly become a thorn in the side. Here we walk through several steps to overcome one of the most common, and frustrating problems in the washroom.

1. Check your dispensers design

There are many different types of soap dispensers on the market, some more prone to dripping than others. There are two main types of soap dispenser design; those that draw soap up from a reservoir sitting beneath the pump (these are usually counter-mounted), and those that have the reservoir situated above the pump (these are usually wall-mounted).

2. Reservoir above the pump?

If your soap dispenser has the soap reservoir above the pump, then you could be experiencing leakage from a loose valve or seal. In many instances, this can be from either improper installation or soap build-up. 

Remove the soap reservoir or bag, and check to see if there is any solidifying soap residue where the reservoir meets the pump. As routine maintenance, this should be soaked and run through with warm water to dislodge and dissolve any build-up. This alone can rectify around 90% of soap drip problems, particularly in wall mounted units. 

Additionally, if someone has diluted the soap with water then the new viscosity of the soap may be affected by the gravitational aspect of this style of dispenser. In this case, a replacement of fresh soap could help mitigate this problem. 

3. Reservoir below the pump?

When the soap reservoir is situated beneath the counter or hand pump, it has to be drawn up to the nozzle. In this case, the main reason for soap dripping is when a bit of soap is left close to the end of the nozzle and slowly falls away after use. While not likely to leave a great mess, this leakage is no less annoying. A thicker hand soap often rectifies the problem. What’s more common in this style of soap dispenser though, is that the pump will not draw up enough soap. This is also caused by solidifying soap build-up and a poor seal. To fix this, you need to take the hose that connects the pump to the reservoir and flush through or soak with hot water. This should clear any blockages and return your soap dispenser to its proper operative state. 

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4. If all else fails; install a drip tray

Predominantly designed to catch excess soap that drips when a user removes their hands too quickly, a drip tray can also be used to catch soap drip when a dispenser is faulty. Money well spent if it keeps an area clean and prevents a slip or a fall.

If you would like further advice on soap dispensers, or to find out which model best suits your business, please contact one of the team on 01202 650900

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