What’s The Best Automatic Soap Dispenser?

What’s The Best Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Soap dispensers have helped streamline commercial wash spaces for many years and since the advent of coronavirus and the global pandemic, multipurpose dispensers used for hand sanitiser has ventured beyond the washroom and now adorn waiting rooms, offices, lobbies, and shops. As well as being incredibly easy to use, soap dispensers stop bars of soap going soft on the side, keep washbasins looking smarter and actually make washrooms easier to clean.

The automatic dispensing of soap or sanitiser has been revolutionary to the wash space as users don’t need to physically touch the unit when using them, which boosts hygiene, reduces the spread of bacteria, and cuts down on physical wear and tear. If you're unsure of which automatic soap dispenser to go for, we’ve made things easy and shared our top five below:

Automatic Sensor Operated Hand Sanitiser & Liquid Soap Dispenser

When you buy this unit you get options. Whether you choose to install this in your changing rooms, or by the front desk, you can interchangeably utilise this model to deliver hand sanitiser or liquid soap. Powered by batteries, this unit can swiftly be installed anywhere and has a reservoir of over a litre. 

Bobrick Automatic Soap Dispenser

This sleek dispenser is an elegant addition to the vanity unit and is fed from an under-the-counter reservoir. Small, smart and does exactly what is expected, this model is perfect for anyone averse to wall-mounted dispenser units, or those trying to maintain a certain design aesthetic. 

Ladybird Automatic Soap Dispenser & Hand Sanitiser For Children

Friendly, fun, and functional, this playful design helps encourage strong personal hygiene habits in nurseries and early years settings. The wall-mounted unit is made from robust ABS plastic and offers an 850ml refillable reservoir that can be used for either liquid soap or hand sanitiser. 

FRANKE Wall Mounted Sensor Operated Soap Dispenser

Partnered with wall-mounted sensor taps, this option gives you a strong look above the sinks that instills a feeling of permanence. Fed by a two-litre bottle, liquid hand soap is dispensed easily and quickly by placing the hands underneath the unit, breaking an infra-red sensor.

Delabie Satin Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser

A robust soap dispensing option that balances anti-vandal durability and supreme usability. Sensor activated and protected under lock and key, this model from Delabie is ideal for high traffic washrooms accessed by the wider public. Whether that’s in a pub, an entertainment venue, or a shopping mall. 

If you would like further advice on soap and sanitiser dispensers, or to talk more about washroom improvements and renovations, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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