What Is A Non Concussive Tap?

What Is A Non Concussive Tap?

Two of the main considerations when selecting commercial taps are durability and usability. Will these taps stand the test of time in a high traffic environment, and are they easy to operate by the user. Non-concussive taps tick both of these boxes, making them a highly popular choice across all commercial environments including the education sector, leisure centres, gyms, and public conveniences.

What is a non-concussive tap?

Non-concussive taps are those that automatically shut off after a set period of time - usually several seconds. Unsurprisingly, these taps are often also referred to as push taps, as the top of the tap is most commonly pushed down to activate the water flow. You can have non-concussive controls for both washbasins and showers and in both instances, they help with water-saving initiatives.

How do non-concussive taps work?

When you push the tap controls, the internal valve is opened to allow water flow. This valve stays open for several seconds to allow users to wash their hands or shower. The valve slowly shuts after several seconds, at which point the user has the option to repeat the action if they need to continue washing. 

The benefits of non-concussive taps

This type of tap removes the risk of taps being left on accidentally and can also be useful to control the water flow through waste outlets. Non-concussive taps are also easier to operate than traditional twist taps, a strong move when catering for those with limited dexterity, or those suffering from arthritis. Additionally, push taps help with hygiene as once hands are washed, the user doesn’t need to touch the tap again to close it. 

Can you adjust non-concussive taps?

The temperature can be adjusted on some models of non-concussive taps, while water flow usually cannot. Water flow can be regulated by a plumber on installation. However, remember that temperature control is regulated through TMV3 valves prior to the hot feed entering the tap.

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