Grohe - Sanitary Fittings Provider  

Grohe is a global brand that are dedicated to providing the most suitable products and best fitting sanitaryware possible.


Grohe has been committed to its clients for multiple decades and their products demonstrate this.

Made in Germany, Grohe, as a brand has a lot of brand qualities that they focus on including, sustainability, design and up and coming technology.

Grohe is proud of their heritage and hopes that it gives customers confidence in the brand, due to their knowledge of the industry.

The company has extremely high standards for its products, which reflects why they are known as one of the best suppliers around the globe. and have received over 240 innovation and design awards in the last 10 years alone!

Across all industries, across the entire globe...Grohe are truly a worldwide brand!

Grohe - Showers, Shower Controls and Thermostatic ValvesGrohe - Showers, Shower Controls and Thermostatic Valves

What Grohe Do

Exceptional quality is what Grohe are known for, as well as their wide product range. From Grohe showers to thermostats they have it all!

They are designed especially to last at least 20 years with use every day, meaning your washrooms will look fresh and work just as well for years to come. They also have a policy that if any of their products become discontinued they will keep spare parts available for a minimum of 10 years.

This shows what kind of company they are by putting their customers first and helping their every need. Their specially designed technology allows a drip, from a tap or likewise, to be taken care of before it becomes a flood.

This allows customers to feel safe with Grohe products and know that if there ever was to be an issue it would be resolved quickly.



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