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Commercial Washrooms & Bristan 

About Bristan

Spring / 2019

Taps and Showers have been Bristan's speciality for over 40 years and they have since become the largest taps and showers company in England, Scotland and Wales.

We estimate that 1 in every 4 homes in England, Scotland and Wales, have a Bristan tap or shower fitted.

Here at Commercial Washrooms we also supply a lot of products to washrooms in a variety of locations, across the country, such as hospitals, leisure centres, hotels, schools and colleges, meaning that Bristan can be seen almost anywhere!

The expert engineering and sleek design of their products set them aside from other manufacturers, as well as, passionate staff members who deliver important knowledge on all kinds of products.

Bristan products are sold through a variety of companies, including DIY stores and bathroom showrooms, so you are never too far away from a stocklist.

Bristan Automatic Tap
Bristan Tap
Bristan Shower Controls

Commercial Washrooms & Bristan 

Bristan's Vision

Spring / 2019

Bristan's vision comes from their products, which are designed, supplied and engineered within Great Britain.

With hope to deliver stylish, current, practical and suitable products to our suppliers and customers, Bristan makes it as easy as possible.

Helping customers to choose the right products for them is essential and helps us provide the best customer service possible.

Commercial Washrooms & Bristan 

Bristan Running Tap

Commercial Washrooms & Bristan 

Bristan's Guarantee

Spring / 2019

All Bristan products have a guarantee, lasting between 2-5 years, depending on the product.

This gives the customer peace of mind about their products, although, rigorous testing is performed before a product is sent out to make sure it is at its best quality.

Bristan pour care and attention to detail into every product they make, to not only ensure they look great but also that they perform flawlessly.