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About Dolphin

Spring / 2019

Dolphin are a company of class, diversity, and elegance, providing beautiful washrooms to their many customers.

Dolphin also provides a variety of products and ranges, including hand dryers and taps, but is best known for their dispensers, whether that's for soap, tissue or any other use. These ranges suit all kinds of requirements, tastes and budgets, making them acceptable for any kind of washroom!

Dolphin also works with architects, contractors and developers to create their products to their highest quality, and with nearly 20 years experience in the business, they're very proud of what they have achieved. Within the likes of the Shard, Wimbledon and even Sydney Airport, you can find Dolphin products in a range of prestigious settings!

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Dolphin's Ranges

Spring / 2019

Dolphin has 8 ranges which specialise in a variety of different areas. These include baby and child appropriate, guaranteed long-lasting, accessible, functional, space saving, effectiveness and cost consciousness washrooms.

The Dolphin Elements Range is existing proof that you can have both elegance and economy in one room. We provide all kinds of dispensers to go with the look of any washroom, including stainless steel, at an incredible rate, and ABS plastic, for a more juvenile washroom setting.

Dolphin is known for their dispensers, so there is any design for any washroom!

Due to great reviews, many of Dolphin's clients have made lasting relationships and it is likely that new clients will visit again.

This tells customers a lot about the company and what they're like to work with - if customers keep on returning, they're doing something right! Customers know they can rely on such a dependant company to deliver incredible service every time and providing responsive after sales support, whenever the customer may need it.

The better the washroom, the better the experience, the more memorable a company and it's services are!

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