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Thursday / 26th October

Dedicated to making life easier for site managers, caretakers and burgeoning SMEs, we have spent the past several months refining the Commercial Washrooms website to be even more intuitive.

It’s a minefield out there and with so many options to choose from, we understand how time-consuming and confusing it can be. 


As well as a new look and feel to our new website, there are features that will make sourcing the right items for your washroom even easier.

  • Find Offers Faster
  • Filterable Results
  • More Expansive Virtual Showroom
  • Expanded Knowledge Base

New Website

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Thursday / 26th October

Whilst we are always willing and able to help you with any washroom quote, we also understand there is a need to perhaps start putting your quote together as soon as possible. As you are browsing our range of products by simply choosing 'Add to Quote' you can begin to compile an up-to-date list. Once this list is compiled fully, simply submit, and it will be delivered to our sales team.

Once submitted our sales team will receive the quote and then be able to review before accurately pricing the delivery. This will then give us the opportunity to align any further discounts that may be applied through sharing a delivery or other potential methods. Depending on the items included in the quote, and the stage and scale of the build process, our internal design team could look at puttling together some CAD drawings to help bring your potential project to life. 

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