Salisbury Golf Club - Case Study

Salisbury Golf Club - Case Study

Modernisation of Golf Club Washrooms

The wash and shower rooms at Salisbury Golf Club were in need of some modernisation and improvements in order to better serve the members needs.

Following an initial consultation, we supplied a full design and specification outline, so that the committee could get a clear plan of the project ahead of any works actually taking place. Once the way forward was passed, we began work at the golf club and removed all the existing facilities.

The ladies room suffered from a poor layout, restricted by an angled wall that concealed an old boiler. We swiftly decommissioned this boiler and freed up the corner giving the washroom more usable space.

By constructing stud wall partitions, we were able to conceal all the pipework and drainage to private showering enclosures that had both a wet and dry area within. Off the bottom of the showers, we also included a hose attachment so that ladies could rinse off their ankles and feet.

A Solid Surface Vanity Area was constructed which featured integrated Corian washbasins. We also extended the surface so that there was an area for freshening up and applying makeup. Automatic Soap Dispensers were installed with a multi-feed system meaning just one large container of liquid soap supplied all dispensers on a run.

An integrated plumbing system was used within the toilet cubicles, which meant all services and pipework were hidden behind a duct set. This made the washroom easier to clean and gave it a more modern look.

In the men’s washroom, there was previously a step down into the shower area, which posed a hazard for some elderly members. We raised this floor surface to be flush with the rest of the washroom. A suspended ceiling was installed which housed a new ventilation system and LED lighting controlled by infrared sensors. This means the lights are only activated when someone is in the room, and switch off automatically after a set period of time.

This turn-key project transformed the golf club’s washrooms and significantly improved usability for the members. Additionally, the successful redesign of the ladies washroom not only provided a more streamlined layout, but also allowed for an extra toilet to be installed as well.

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