Washroom Ideas For Campsites

Washroom Ideas For Campsites

Campsites and holiday parks throughout the UK use the low season winter months to carry out all their maintenance, modifications and washroom refurbishments. Washrooms sit at the top of the pile when it comes to maintenance and upgrades, being the workhorse in this kind of environment. Here we explore washroom ideas to help deliver low maintenance, easy clean functionality, energy efficiency and strong hygiene.

Washroom ideas for campsites: More efficiency in your washroom

Washroom ideas that bring economic savings are valuable. From saving water to saving electricity, your washrooms can be better for the environment and the bottom line. Many campsites have made the move to waterless urinals. With no mains water connection, these urinals simply have a waste pipe and a clever filter cartridge fitted that prevents bad odours and keeps the waste outlet clean. 

Another great way to keep on top of your water usage is a sensor or non-concussive push taps. The benefit of using these types of taps is that they only emit water for a short period of time before needing to be activated again. This prevents taps being left on while brushing teeth and shaving but also removes the risk of them being left on absent-mindedly. Non-concussive push controls are also useful in the shower and have been shown to cut down the length of time a user spends in the shower – conserving hot water usage.

The switch to LED lighting from traditional light bulbs can be substantial. Paired with infra-red PIR lighting sensors, they will only be activated when a user is actually in the room. All of these energy and water-efficient washroom ideas can be implemented to your existing washrooms as an upgrade without the need for a full refurbishment. A powerful move in light of coronavirus.

How to improve washrooms in light of COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought hygiene efficiency into focus for many campsites and holiday parks. Sensor activation is certainly one of the most sensible washroom ideas to explore as this significantly reduces the number of touchpoints in your washrooms. Sensor flush kits can be easily installed on your toilets and urinals, while the aforementioned infra-red lighting sensors remove the need to physically touch a light switch. Sensor taps take care of the hand wash area, which can be partnered with automatic hand soap dispensers. The hand dryers can also be operated by no-touch controls, but added hygiene can be brought in through choosing a model that has a HEPA approved air filter, ensuring hands are dryer with the clean air – The Dyson Airblade hand dryers come with these installed. 

When we come to hand sanitisers, best practice is now having them both internally and externally on your toilet block. This enables users to sanitise their hands before they touch and open the door to your washrooms, and again after exiting. For further information regarding hand sanitiser take a look at our recent blog: What does hand sanitiser do?

If you would like further advice on upgrading your campsite washrooms, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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