Golf Club Changing Rooms: A Specialist Approach

Golf Club Changing Rooms: A Specialist Approach

There are no one-size fits all approach when it comes to commercial washrooms, but while some share similarities in their design, others require a specialist approach. The golf club changing room is one such space that requires a rather meticulous approach to ensure all the right criteria is met, while still upholding the look and feel of the golf club.

Golf spikes and flooring
You should invest sensibly in your flooring – the golden rule of golf club changing room refurbishment. While rubber and plastic spikes are slowly replacing metal spikes on golf shoes, they still have an impact on carpets, laminates, and even tiles. You’ll find a number of heavy-duty, specialist carpets that can be fitted in the communal changing area, while vinyl flooring can be a great choice for wet areas. There are vinyl flooring options available that carry anti-slip properties that work with both bare feet and shoes, making it ideal for golf club changing rooms. Alternatively, you may choose to go for porcelain tiled flooring in the wet areas, but be sure to select a tile that carries sufficient anti-slip properties.

Bespoke lockers
Ordinary lockers are usually not up to the job when it comes to a golf club. For a start, members need a locker large enough to house a golf bag and a change of clothes. Many members also like to leave some toiletries in their locker and when we start looking at competitions, Captain’s day and other events, then a hanger and space for evening wear is going to be required as well. In short, never scrimp on locker space. Go as big as you can.

Wood panelling at its finestComplete Washroom Refurbishment Muswell Hill Golf Club
Ever popular throughout golf clubs, is the use of wood panelling. Within this discreet, members only area, you want to maintain class and prestige, which is done through systematic consistency. The same wood and finish used for your locker doors, should be used for the walls, cladding and even etched leader-boards. Drop consistency, and you run the risk of your club feeling disjointed.

Non-members changing rooms
If your club has the space for a non-members changing room, you will sometimes find they share the actual toilet, showering and handwash facilties, but have a separate changing area. It’s not uncommon for the non-members changing are to have no lockers and instead opting for changing benches and storage cubby-holes. This saves the hassle of issuing keys and ensuring they are handed back at the end of a long day.

Entry system
Door entry systems between members and non-members changing rooms is a common addition in golf clubs up and down the country. This helps provide not only privacy, but some exclusivity between those merely visiting through paid greens fees and competitions, to those paid-up members who use the club day-in, day-out.

Hair dryers and vanity units
Other sports facilties might offer one or two hair dryers in front of a mirror, but by and large most users after showering, head straight home or onwards to other engagements. The golf club is one of just a few sporting venues where users freshen up and change to continue using the clubs facilties. It’s this that sets the golf club changing room apart from others. The vanity unit is needed in both the male and female changing rooms and in most cases comprises of lighted mirrors, hair dryers, and often a small selection of toiletries.

A small bank of showers or a couple of private showering cubicles are usually situated in the wash area of a golf club changing room. Dispensers for shampoo and body wash can be sited within the cubicle, while important accessories like towel hooks should not be overlooked, and located just outside the showering enclosure.

Toilet cubicles
Today, toilet cubicles come in a number of different sizes and can be made bespoke to fit your particular dimensions or building constraints. However, full-hieght cubicles have become an elegant choice in a lot of golf club washrooms as they deliver a smart, high-end look to washrooms and come in a number of different finishes. Full-hieght cubicles not only give the user more privacy, but elevate the atmosphere of your washroom into one more fitting for a golf and country club.

Sensor activation and hygiene
Sensor activated taps, showers, hand dryers and toilet flush systems are not a pre-requisite of the golf club changing room, but when undertaking a renovation it is sensible to consider these items. Sensor activation removes the need for a user to physically touch the toilet, tap or hand dryer and can improve the overall hygiene of your facilities immensely. The sensor activation, particularly of taps, also removes the risk of taps accidentally being left on, and limits a user to a controlled water flow. This might not sound like much on the day-to-day usage, but over the course of a year, can deliver remarkable savings.

If you would like further advice on refurbishing, renovating or refitting your golf club changing rooms, or would simply like to look at ways of upgrading your facilties, please get in touch today on 01202 650900.

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