Making Washrooms Sparkle

Making Washrooms Sparkle

We all know those customer expectations are now higher than ever and delivering a good first impression to your visitors, diners or guests is of paramount importance. No matter how warm the greeting in reception, if your washrooms are tired, unloved and grotty, that’s what customers are going to remember. But, as businesses plan and undertake renovation works to improve their washrooms, it can be useful to consider the impact of using gloss finishes over those that are matte or satin. 

The case for high gloss
Although duller finishes have done well over the past decade, we are starting to see trends shifting to those of high gloss. The popularity of subway tiles is a prime case in point. However, in many commercial environments, gloss finishes can be delivered throughout your washroom fixtures and fittings, from chrome taps, shower controls and cubicle hardware, to high sheen solid grade laminate cubicles and vanity units. 

Because these shiny surfaces reflect light much better than those that carry a matt finish, they deliver that fresh sparkle and the association of cleanliness. This can be incredibly advantageous in small or cramped washrooms, or in spaces where natural light is an issue. 

Delivering that sparkle
The aforementioned subway tiles or similar alternatives are of course a great way to go, but, outside of hospitality, it is sometimes not the best option as the grout lines can be an area where bacteria builds up. Wall cladding such as Whiterock can be a smart alternative as the cladding can be thermo-fitted around corners so that there are no joins. This leaves you with a surface that’s incredibly easy to clean and sanitise. 

Contrasting gloss finish SGL toilet cubicles with a matt finish paint, or against darker colours can work very well, particularly in the corporate environment. By picking out just a few surfaces, it can actually deliver more of an impact to your washroom design. A solid surface wash trough or baby changing unit set against a dark matt wall colour can really stand out and help to reflect the light around the area. 

Using glossier finishes on coloured surfaces can give a very modern and minimalist feel to your washroom and tends to stand the test of time much better than white, particularly on surfaces likely to get wet such as splash-backs and shower enclosures. 

Whether you choose to embrace high-gloss throughout your washroom or decide to highlight just a few areas with this useful finish, the association with cleanliness delivered through high reflection is a solid move in modern washroom design. 

If you’d like more advice on bringing easy clean sparkle to your washroom or would like to talk about our interior design and specification services, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650900.

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