The Exeter - Shower & Changing Room Refurbishment - Case Study

The Exeter - Shower & Changing Room Refurbishment - Case Study

Commercial Washrooms prides itself on designing forward thinking and modern washrooms for all environments. Undergoing a refurbishment throughout their Head Office, a Health Insurer The Exeter was looking to update their Washrooms, install changing rooms and showers for staff, and ensure maximum hygiene.

Tired and dated; sporting tiled walls coupled with hard-to-clean flooring the washrooms were gradually becoming increasingly inadequate for staff and visiting clients. With this, and their specific requirements in mind, we set to work, careful to choose products maximising hygiene, whilst keeping the appearance professional.

SGL Toilet Cubicles

Robust and waterproof, the use of Ultra SGL range in combination with full height duct sets to conceal pipework, and stylish sanitary ware such as the Vitra S20 Pan allowed the eleven rooms to maintain the same modern theme, regardless of the various wet/dry environments. Something highetened in the Washrooms of Board members, where Stature SGL cubicles were installed; made possible without compromising uniformity throughout.

Hands-free Approach

Maximising hygiene whilst maintaining style was essential for this project, achieved by supplying touch-free equipment such as the DVS Sensor Flush systems in the WC areas. These sensors are incredibly effective, discrete, and water saving.

The Dolphin Alavo Mirror Units installed in these same areas elevate the style and professionalism. Dispensing hands-free water and soap, including built in-hand dryers, they remove the need for three separate components and improve hygiene. These down-lit units in combination with a white Solid Surface Trough really bring that "wow!" factor.

Function and Form

The flooring in each of the various environments is supplied by Altro. This creates a seamless, watertight seal, requiring limited maintenance.

In the Shower/changing area Altro White Rock Hygienic Wall Cladding was used to provide a clean, wipe down surface. Within the SGL cubicles there is not only an enclosed shower, but also a dry changing area, maximising the limited space. Recognising a need for users to moderate both the flow and temperature of water in changing rooms Inta Minimalist Lever Taps were supplied.

As a final touch, the client oped for custom lockers, clad in SGL to provide the same waterproof properties, and to match their chosen colours perfectly.

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