Warm Up Your Washroom With Colour

Warm Up Your Washroom With Colour

Washrooms in commercial spaces like hospitals, schools, social clubs and pubs have traditionally been focused solely on practicality, with little thought being given to user experience. This has led to these commercial environments being quite clinical, cold and devoid of colour.

Thankfully, in recent times this has been slowly changing and today you will find inviting, vibrant washrooms everywhere form your local community centre, to the British Legion.  

Why bring colour to the washroom?

In the workplace, employers have cottoned on to the power of comfortable and inviting washrooms. Many of today’s most innovative businesses spend a great deal of money to improve working conditions as part of employee retention, with washrooms playing an integral role in this methodology.

Light and colour go a long way to making a room feel more inviting, which is why many town centres, schools and hospitals are choosing to embrace colour schemes in commercial wash spaces. This helps to leave a positive and lasting impression on visitors.

Colour is actually brought into many primary school washrooms as a lot of work goes into making these spaces inviting and inclusive. At this early age there’s a strong emphasis on encouraging good personal hygiene and washroom independence, so making these rooms a welcoming as possible is of high importance. Colourful taps and playful hand dryers are also popular moves in this environment and ones that we’re seeing an increase in popularity. 

Better ways to deliver lasting colour

Although walls and floors can take on colour easily, a more impressive and lasting way to bring colour into the washroom is on your cubicles, DUCT sets and wall cladding. 

With solid grade laminate (SGL) now being one of the most durable options in the commercial environment, we offer bespoke panels that can be fully customised in thickness, dimensions and colour. This allows you to bring your corporate, school, or town’s colours in an incredibly durable, easy to install way. All SGL panels are easy to clean and completely impervious to water, meaning they can be scrubbed down regularly with no detriment to the surface, or core of the material.

Colourful Washrooms

Adding warmth through the finish

For a more sophisticated look, you could also choose to have your SGL in a number of wood grain finishes. These stylish panels perform in exactly the same way but can work really well in situations where bold colour is not an option. 

Custom decals and photography

Decals are another way of transforming your bog standard washroom. Made to order, these large format, durable stickers can be added to cubicle doors and wall panels. Decal designs can range from a company logo to high-resolution photography. This proves popular for a lot of modern businesses and we’ve seen decals include landscape photography to great effect.

If you’d like to talk about ways to bring colour and warmth into your commercial washroom or have questions about lead times, please get in touch with the team on 01202 650900.

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